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DeskAlerts 11.3.0 Release

DeskAlerts 11.3 for Streamlined Internal Communication-1

Latest release of DeskAlerts ensures a seamless and secure experience 

DeskAlerts has unveiled its latest release, version 11.3.0, marking a significant leap forward in workplace communication and employee engagement. This update brings a plethora of new features and enhancements, with a primary focus on enhancing both horizontal scalability and authentication features. 

These enhancements demonstrate DeskAlerts’ commitment to continuous improvement to meet the evolving needs of its users so they can continue to streamline communication in their organizations.

Horizontal scalability improvements

The horizontal scalability improvements in DeskAlerts have been designed to accommodate a growing client audience effectively, and ensures that DeskAlerts can efficiently handle larger user bases.  This feature makes DeskAlerts more powerful than before, and allows clients to set up multiple connection services on the server. This means that the system will efficiently scale with the growing audience. It enhances system performance and responsiveness and enables seamless communication - no matter how large your audience is.

Enhancements to authentication features

Security and compliance have always been paramount considerations for DeskAlerts, and version 11.3.0 continues this commitment. This release contains a range of new features that will provide users with more secure and convenient authentication options. 

These include:

  • Azure Single Sign-On (SSO) for mobile DeskAlerts clients. This streamlined and secure single sign-on login experience means users can access the platform seamlessly, saving time and minimizing the security risks that are associated with traditional login methods.
  •  Azure Active Directory integration for DeskAlerts mobile clients.  With Azure Active Directory integration, users can now leverage their Azure AD credentials to access DeskAlerts, simplifying the login process and ensuring a more cohesive user experience. 
  • Okta-based user Authentication for the DeskAlerts server. DeskAlerts now supports user authentication through the Okta identity management system using the SAML 2.0 protocol, providing administrators with a robust authentication solution for managing user access.

New text-to-call alerts

One of the standout features of this release of DeskAlerts is that it gives users the ability to convert text-based alerts into clear and concise voice messages. The text-to-call alerts feature is via an integration with Twilio, and will boost safety and security in the workplace. It means that critical information can be effectively delivered to employees on their mobile devices, which enhances both accessibility and urgency in communication. This feature ensures that every message is heard loud and clear, reaching employees even when they’re on the move.

Desktop and mobile panic buttons

The mobile and desktop panic button feature is a quick and easily accessible emergency response tool that administrators can access during critical situations to instantly notify employees.This improvement is particularly crucial in emergency situations or when time-sensitive information needs to be disseminated across the organization swiftly.

Enhanced functionality and integration with essential IT services

DeskAlerts version 11.3 introduces Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) synchronization. This feature streamlines the synchronization process between the DeskAlerts server and your ADLS, simplifying the user management function and ensuring that your alert delivery system is always up-to-date with your user base.

New approval workflow for publishing alerts

This feature introduces an approvals process for publishing alerts that is structured and controlled. Administrators can designate alert and other content approvers and ensure that critical messages are both reviewed and authorized before distribution. 

Improved customization options

Another key highlight of this release is that administrators can further establish their unique branding within DeskAlerts. Organizations can seamlessly integrate visual identity and branding elements such as logos and corporate colors to ensure that DeskAlerts is consistent with their corporate image.

With branding, DeskAlerts becomes an extension of your organization's identity, reinforcing your distinct presence in every communication. 

Action item visibility control 

This version empowers administrators to manage the visibility of the action items within the tray menu of the DeskAlerts desktop client. Customizing which actions are displayed allows organizations to streamline user interaction and ensure that only the most relevant and essential options are readily accessible to users.


DeskAlerts v.11.3.0 represents a significant milestone in workplace communication software. As workplaces continue to evolve, DeskAlerts remains at the forefront, providing a robust and flexible solution to meet the dynamic communication needs of modern businesses. More than 700 large organizations worldwide rely on DeskAlerts to keep their staff informed and engaged. Get in touch with us today for a free demo.

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