SSO Module

Single Sign-on in DeskAlerts Notification System


Why SSO Is One Of The Most Popular Modules In DeskAlerts Software

SSO shares centralized authentication servers that all other applications and systems use for authentication purposes and combines this with techniques to ensure that users do not have to actively enter their credentials more than once.

When you need it…
  • Mitigate risk for access to 3rd-party sites (user passwords not stored or managed externally)
  • Reduce password fatigue from different user name and password combinations
  • Reduce time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity
  • Reduce IT costs due to lower number of IT help desk calls about passwords


Benefits Of Single Sign-on In DeskAlerts’ Software

Increased your convenience

Users get a faster and easier way to access DeskAlerts control panel, which does not require memorization of multiple logins and passwords.

Increased your security

System does not store any user passwords in no shape or form, but uses the results of authentication on the account provider side.

Easy administration

All necessary information about the user is transmitted in the authentication token. When the user information changes on the side of the account provider, the data will automatically be updated on the portal upon subsequent authentication using SSO. If a user profile is missing from the portal, it will be automatically created when the user first logs in to the portal using SSO credentials. 

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Maximize The Value Of DeskAlerts Solution By Closely Working With The Project Development Team

If you need a tailored solution, DeskAlerts staff can provide an additional service where we will work with you to make custom SSO settings to suit your business’ unique needs.


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