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Save Your Time By Sending Pre-Defined Messages To A Pre-Defined Audience. Deliver Urgent Alerts To Your Entire Workforce, Or Just Those Employees Who Are Affected In One Click.

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When you need to communicate vital information with your employees quickly to keep them safe, you need an effective emergency messaging system.

DeskAlerts is an emergency notification system for business that enables you to send urgent information to your employees in an emergency or disaster situation. If alarms start ringing because of a threat, the people in your organization will be notified promptly via emergency alerts that will provide instructions about what steps to take to be safe.

For example, it may be used to suggest the most effective ways to evacuate towards a safer location. The DeskAlerts emergency messaging system can be used in conjunction with tornado warning sirens, disaster alarms, and the alert color codes used by hospitals.

DeskAlerts emergency notifications provide a cost-effective method for real-time messaging that can be used by any organization.


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How Deskalerts Software Can Help in an Emergency Situation

Our user-friendly platform minimizes the time it takes you to send an emergency alert, which is important during time-critical incidents. This includes:

  • High-priority alerts that appear even if the employee’s computer is locked or in screensaver mode. Emergency alerts will always appear on top of any other pop-up messages.
  • Notifications that require acknowledgment by way of a reading confirmation
  • Self-destructing alerts that destroy themselves after closing, with no record of their being sent in the history
  • Autoclosing alerts that appear on screen for a given time period and then disappear automatically.
  • Alerts that have a  set time period of when they can be received and when this expires they cannot be received anymore and will automatically close if on a user’s screen.

In the event of an emergency, one-click alerts can be sent without logging into the system – send them directly from your computer desktop. And if you don’t have access to a computer while an emergency situation is unfolding, notifications can be sent through a separate mobile application.

How It Works

Take control of the situation and keep in touch with your staff

Send instructions, ask for details, get feedback

With the DeskAlerts emergency notification app, when something serious happens you don't need to run to a PC to send messages - the panic button is already in your pocket. Some of the benefits include:

Case studie for CHU Saint-Pierre Belgium

"DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emergency during terror attack, in the event of usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible."
CHU Saint-Pierre

Healthcare, Belgium

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Benefits Of Desktop Emergency Notification Systems

The DeskAlerts mass alert system gives you control over your alert notifications. You control the type of alert you send as well as how often you send it and how it looks. You can send emergency alerts to your entire workforce, or just those employees who are affected: for example, your office in one particular city, staff who work on a particular floor of an office building.

You can customize the emergency notification’s appearance and set the size and position of where the message will display on users’ screens. You can even send as a full-screen alert, which is recommended to grab attention during a crisis.  

Shortcuts can be configured to send an emergency ticker followed by either a long or short message. (At this stage desktop shortcuts are only available for Windows users, and the emergency alert app is available for Android and iOS).

Other channels can be used to send emergency alerts including email or an SMS emergency notification system. DeskAlerts can also provide an app for sending emergency broadcast system alerts to phones and other mobile devices.




Emergency Notification Tool and App Features

Self-Destructing Messages

Send a message that will remove itself from the history once the user closes the alert window.

Urgent Alerts

Your emergency alerts will appear on screen even if the employee’s computer is locked, on screensaver mode, or sleeping. Your message will be noticed despite uncontrollable circumstances.

Message Statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.

Reading Acknowledgment

This provides proof that the recipient has read your messages.


Messages will disappear from the screen after a short time.

Recurring Messages

Automate your messages and send identical messages in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.


More About Our Emergency Alert System for Businesses

Whether you already have other systems in place to notify employees in an emergency, or you’re looking to implement something from scratch, DeskAlerts is an emergency notification system for every business.

Whether you already have other systems in place to notify employees in an emergency, or you’re looking to implement something from scratch, DeskAlerts is an emergency notification system for every business.


1. As a supplement to emergency PA systems

As an emergency notification system for business, DeskAlerts doesn’t replace a traditional PA system but can supplement it by providing rich content to every computer in the company, including videos, images and sound.

When sirens are ringing and a voice on the PA system tells people to evacuate, you can turn all the computer screens into evacuation maps.

You can do this by:

  • Preparing messages in advance using a pre-defined template for a specific audience and have them ready to go with a single click when you need them (either via desktop or by using a mobile app).
  • ·Using AI integration to automatically send emergency alerts when existing emergency notification services or systems detect an emergency – this removes the need for a person to have to publish an alert.

2. Sending surveys to ensure employees are safe

Use DeskAlerts to send surveys to employees after an emergency event to determine if they are safe and to gather feedback. You can send a survey to every device in your organization within seconds – including to mobile apps – which gives you feedback in real time.


Deskalerts Notification System Tools

DeskAlerts emergency notification system features a range of different tools and modules that you can use to help keep your employees safe in an emergency.

Pop up alerts

Boxes of text that display on employees’ desktop screens. They can be any size, including the size of the entire screen or can lock the screen so the computer can no longer be used.

Mobile apps

Send messages about an emergency to employees’ smartphones and tablet devices so they’ll get the information even if they aren’t at their desks. This can be quicker than sending SMS messages.

Scrolling ticker

A band of text that scrolls across the screen providing information. They can include hyperlinks to other sites such as intranet or external websites.

A Business Alert System Is Not Only for Emergencies

DeskAlerts is more than just an emergency notification service – you can additionally use it to send all types of urgent and non-urgent communication to your employees to improve overall internal communications and boost employee engagement.

  • Let employees know about IT outages and scheduled maintenance
  • Send information about important company projects and initiatives
  • Send instructions to employees that require their acknowledgment
  • Circulate information about new policies, protocols or procedures
  • Share good news about company achievements
  • Remind employees about regulatory requirements
  • Inform about new employment opportunities
  • Send health and safety information
  • Link to information on your intranet or web portal
  • Send training information
  • Promote upcoming corporate events and gather RSVPs
  • Remind people about cyber security
  • Send newsletters
  • Send video messages from the CEO and other senior leaders.

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Show You’re Serious About Safety With DeskAlerts

According to a recent survey by office supply company Staples, around half of employees believe their workplace is unprepared should an emergency situation unfold.

Whether you have a fire, a severe weather event, an active shooter or terrorist activity, these situations are both serious and volatile. Getting the information out to everyone in a time-sensitive manner is critical.

Traditional forms of company internal communication such as telephone, email and intranet are just not up to the task. Emails might not be seen. Calling everyone takes too much time.

With DeskAlerts you can instantly communicate with your entire workforce at the touch of a button. Whether it’s a code black alert in a hospital or if you need to evacuate an entire skyscraper because of a fire, all your employees can be alerted to the situation and given appropriate instructions in a matter of seconds.

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