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Emergency Alert System For Business

Send emergency alerts in 2 seconds and 1 click to all affected employees and be sure they will see it. Empower your emergency warning systems with reliable digital channels.

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What does an emergency alert system do?

When you need to quickly communicate vital information to keep employees safe, an effective emergency messaging system is essential.

DeskAlerts is an emergency notification system for businesses, allowing you to send urgent information during emergencies or disasters. When threats arise, employees are promptly notified via emergency alerts with safety instructions.


Leave no chance for life-saving information to go unnoticed

DeskAlerts is a multichannel emergency messaging system compatible with tornado warning sirens, disaster alarms, and hospital alert color codes. It simultaneously distributes information to several corporate devices , even in the absence of phone or internet access.

DeskAlerts offers a cost-effective real-time messaging solution for any organization.


Communicate before, during and after an emergency

Choose the appropriate communication type for any situation. Prepare employees for emergencies, alert them during incidents, gather feedback, and provide updates on unfolding situations and their aftermath.

Unlike emails or phone calls, DeskAlerts messages cannot be missed and are sent within seconds.


How DeskAlerts software can help in an emergency

Take control of the situation and keep in touch with your staff. Train employees in advance, send detailed instructions, get feedback

With the DeskAlerts emergency notification app, it takes you a couple of seconds to send an emergency alert that will reach employees literally everywhere: on desktops, mobiles and digital signage. You can make your alert highly visible and engaging and therefore achieve better understanding and the correct behavior.

emergency alerts

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness

  • Prepare message templates in advance. Shortcuts will help you find the correct one immediately
  • Panic button lets you to send all messages in two seconds
  • Use screensavers, corporate lockscreens and digital signage to remind employees about emergency policies and procedures and raise awareness

emergency action notification

Emergency trainig

Emergency training

  • Invite employees to join training sessions via the RSVP tool and know exactly who is going to come
  • Make training more effective by sending employees information via pop-ups
  • Test employee knowledge with quizzes to be sure they understand the topic


emergency warning systems

Alert instantly

Alert instantly

  • Alert staff immediately on every channel (desktop, mobile, digital signage)
  • The messages will pop-up even if the computer is locked
  • Use the panic button to send alerts in a matter of seconds
  • Send pop-ups with emergency information, blocking the entire screen
  • Send evacuation routes, updates about the situation and instructions via pop-ups, tickers, mobile push notifications and digital signage

emergency notifications

Get feedback

Get feedback

  • Check that your people are safe by sending surveys to their cell phones and computers
  • Ask if they need any immediate assistance
  • Know exactly who is not responding and be ready to help them

emergency notification software

Keep informed

Keep staff informed

  • Inform staff about what is going on after an emergency
  • Give clear instructions about what to do right now
  • Use the lock screen to cheer people up, tickers to update them with new information and pop-up and mobile alerts to reach everyone with vital news and CEO messages

emergency alert service

Measurement and segmentation

Measurement and segmentation

  • Use the statistics module to find out which actions worked best
  • Use survey statistics to divide people into groups and send each group specific information (for example to people who worked in a damaged building - about new working conditions)

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DeskAlerts emergency notification tools



Alert employees directly on their desktops and laptops. They won't miss your message.



Alert employees wherever they are at that point in time - even if they do not have an internet connection.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Use digital screens as a place to display important information that reaches everyone, even if they aren’t using a computer or mobile phone at the time.


  • Notify up to 10,000 people within seconds using the virtual panic button on corporate devices.
  • One-click activation with pre-configured shortcuts for swift emergency response.
  • Send various alert types, including pop-up messages, full-screen notifications, and scrolling desktop tickers.
  • Pre-created notifications for scenarios like fires, active shooters, and severe weather save valuable time.
  • Integration with other emergency systems and targeted communication to specific geographic areas or segmented audiences.

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Emergency notification app features

Self Destructing

Self-Destructing Messages

Send a message that will remove itself from the history once the user closes the alert window.

Urgent Alerts

Urgent Alerts

Your emergency alerts will appear on screen even if the employee’s computer is locked, on screensaver mode, or sleeping. Your message will be noticed despite uncontrollable circumstances.


Message Statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.

Reading Acknowledgment

Reading Acknowledgment

This provides proof that the recipient has read your messages.



Messages will disappear from the screen after a short time.

Recurring Messages

Recurring Messages

Automate your messages and send identical messages in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.

Inside our Use Case Guide to Emergency Alerts for Safety Communications:

  • How to navigate real-world emergencies with actionable scenarios;
  • How to utilize DeskAlerts’ tools effectively during crises;
  • How to enhance team safety and ensure more efficient communications.



Approved by our customers

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"DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emersgency during terror attack, in the event of usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible."

CHU Saint pierre

Healthcare, Belgium


“All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication.”
Accounting, East Africa
“DeskAlerts lets us broadcast system information to users. We have placed information monitors in several positions in our building where we broadcast systems alerts and news to share information about system breakdowns or other significant information that can affect peoples’ daily work.”
Insurance, Denmark
“DeskAlerts enabled us to deploy emergency notifications to our employees’ desktops without relying on any of the existing platforms. It was important for us to have a pop-up notification that would be in the user’s face, no matter what they were working on at the time.”

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