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Internal Communication System Software

More than 15 engaging digital communication channels with a 100% read guarantee in one tool

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Internal communication system

Keeping staff informed is challenging

Many organizations find that their internal communications are lacking – staff don’t know what is happening in the company and engagement and productivity are affected. In fact, a Gallup survey found almost three quarters of employees feel as though they miss out on receiving important information at work. Using communications channels like emails and group chats aren’t effective at ensuring employees receive urgent information.

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Reach every employee with important corporate information

DeskAlerts is a multi-channel solution for internal communications, that allows you to send more than 1,000 messages in two seconds - bypassing the corporate email system and guaranteeing a 100% read rate.

Messages sent via this effective internal communication system can be more or less obtrusive - depending on the level of urgency of the information, which doesn’t increase information overload.

internal communication system for corporations

Get statistics to prove internal communication matters

DeskAlerts provides access to a powerful statistics module that enables you to see which employees have received your messages, right down to the device they’ve viewed them on. Having access to this information will help to back up the importance of the internal communications team’s work as well as to evaluate and improve on communications campaigns.

effective internal communication system

Use DeskAlerts software to streamline internal communications

Use one interface to directly send messages to employees' desktops or mobile devices

Important corporate information

Important corporate information

Important corporate information

  • Need to deliver breaking news urgently? Use pop-up alerts and mobile app alerts
  • To remind or update employees about a topic, send messages via scrolling tickers
  • Drive interest in internal campaigns with appealing corporate screensavers

Executive communications

Executive communications

Executive communications

  • Video messages from CEO help to raise awareness of company goals and vision
  • Build trust by publishing regular content from leadership via pop-ups and mobile app
  • Reinforce leadership messages even when staff are not in front of computers by using digital signage

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys

  • Deliver survey questions straight to employees' desktops and mobiles
  • Get results at least three times faster compared to surveys sent by email

Remote communications

Remote communications

Remote communications

  • Be sure your internal messages achieve 100% visibility no matter where employees are at that moment in time
  • Send messages based on the recipient’s time zone
  • Send messages in different languages

Information overload

Information overload

Information overload

  • Target your internal communications to specific group or even 1 employee
  • Choose the level of obtrusiveness
  • Allow recipients to subscribe to topics they are interested in
  • Use ticker when you do not want to distract people - it takes only 4% of the screen

Analyze and improve

Analyze and improve

Analyze and improve

  • Use the statistics module to analyze the effectiveness of your internal communications campaigns
  • Receive employees' feedback via the survey module

Boost your internal communications with DeskAlerts

Don’t just pick one channel and stick with it! Our internal communication system for corporations lets you use several channels at once to reach and engage employees everywhere, instantly and receive their feedback.

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DeskAlerts internal communication tools



Deliver powerful internal messages with a 100% readership rate to PCs and laptops.



Engage employees on their cell phones with the employee mobile app

Digital signage

Digital signage

Inform employees with digital screens everywhere.

Internal communication system features


AD integration

Easily and automatically update information about employees and send targeted, personalized communications.



Target and personalize your messages, using a number of parameters.



Prepare messages in advance and schedule themto be sent at a specific time and date.


Access management

Provide admins of our internal communication software for business with different access permissions depending on their tasks and duties.



Get a deep understanding of the effectiveness of your communications and present the results.



Be sure that your employees saw your messages and acted on them.



Allow people to subscribe to the information they are interested in and raise the effectiveness of the messaging


Templates (Skins)

Used specially designed templates (skins) for different types of information or different departments.



Follow your corporate branding guidelines when sending internal communications

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

“We have been using Desk Alerts for 5 years now and find the product excellent at communicating important information to our entire Trust quickly. It is so easy to use and maintain so provides a cost effective solution for “real time” messaging. Originally, used just by the IT team, the product is now in daily use by the Trust’s Communications team to ensure that urgent messages are communicated quickly and clearly to a large number of staff, thus helping to support the delivery of patient care to the highest standard.”
Lee Loades
“Perfect Choice For A Company In A Need Of Centralized Alerting Solution Spread Across Various Locations DeskAlerts solution was set up globally for Australian retail sites and is currently used by Technical Services and Support divisions'. Use of DeskAlerts notification system has dramatically improved the communication to the stores and reduced the incoming support calls because relevant information was proactively pushed to the sites'. DeskAlerts notification solution has become a part of Fujifilm Australia communication strategy'”
Arash Rostami
Solution Delivery Manager
“We chose DeskAlerts as an efficient and fast way to send our employees, labs, groups and divisions messages. We like the features that let us send via SMS or email. We also like the surveys to collect information.”

Benefits of using DeskAlerts for internal communications

Improved employee

Employees are informed and

Less information

100% readership
of internal messages

Better transparency
drives more trust

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