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Boost internal communication in government

Keep government and public sector employees informed, engaged and safe and help them perform at their best with the right communication tools.


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Why internal communications are crucial for government administration employees

Government organizations can be large, complex and siloed. It’s important that everyone understands current priorities so that services and programs can be delivered to the community on behalf of the government. And in a crisis, government agencies need to continue to function – making communication even more critical.

Keeping government employees engaged and motivated is also important so that they are productive and help to meet organizational goals. It’s also important to keep them happy so that their talent is not lost to the private sector. A government communication system can help you achieve all this and more.

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Better internal communications in government administration and public sector

Communicate with employees through multiple channels, on different devices, no matter where they are at that point in time and be 100% sure they received and read the messages all by using a versatile communication in government system.

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Emergency & crisis communications

Emergency & crisis communications

  • Inform employees about an emergency in an instant, using pop-up alerts, mobile alerts and SMS.
  • Prepare templates and shortcuts in advance.
  • Get feedback in real time from employees during emergencies with our highly visible surveys.

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IT communications

IT communications

  • Send information about planned maintenance in a way employees cannot ignore
  • Alert employees to IT emergencies and give instructions to users with pop-ups and mobile alerts
  • Use non-intrusive tickers to update staff with news about outages, cybersecurity etc.

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HR communications

HR communications

  • Inform staff about rules and policies and receive reading acknowledgments
  • Survey employees in a way that bypasses email to get fast feedback
  • Inform staff about benefits or health and safety precautions with pop-ups
  • Improve the effectiveness of training by using quizzes and video alerts

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Reach and engage staff

Reach and engage staff

  • Be certain your messages were seen by accessing the statistics module
  • Inform every employee – even if they aren’t at their computer – through mobile alerts
  • Increase engagement by sending content in video format and screensavers

government communications services

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

  • When you need people to read and comply with new policies, use acknowledgments.
  • To reinforce behavioral change, use Digital signage screens and screensavers/wallpapers.
  • To help employees remember rules and policies, use quizzes.

Try DeskAlerts to see if it fits the communication needs of your organization

DeskAlerts is used as a government communication information system in hundreds of public sector and government administration organizations around the world to boost motivation, engage and educate employees.


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DeskAlerts government communications tools



Bypass email and engage employees directly on desktops and laptops. They cannot skip or ignore your messages unless you provide the option to.



All staff will receive important messages even if they aren’t in front of a computer screen.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Use digital screens in your organization as a communications channel for delivering information to employees and stakeholders.

Discover all government information and communication system features


One click alert

In an emergency you only need to click one button to alert employees.



When staff have received and read messages they can click a button that indicates they have read and understood and agree to any actions required.


Recurring alerts

Plan your communications campaigns in advance.



Plan the communication campaign in advance.



Create templates in advance to save time.



Send messages to all employees, to select audience sectors or even just to individuals.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

“With DeskAlerts notifications in place, Company House got a reliable channel of cascading notifications down to satellite offices, informing employees about various office issues, thus decreasing the load on a tech support and improving their internal workflow.”
Companies House
“The IT team realized they needed to implement a fully-automated state-of-the-art alert system. The organization chose DeskAlerts, a powerful desktop notification solution that enables faster, more effective and more cost-efficient communication.“
“We feel the our experience with DeskAlerts was successful because they have a product roadmap and they listen to customers, getting their feature requests into development. If you are on the fence of working with DeskAlerts or a different solution, just try and see – the DeskAlerts team will do their best to meet your specific company needs.”
IE Singapore

Benefits of DeskAlerts as a government internal communication system

Better internal


Higher levels

of engagement



Higher levels of staff resilience

in a crisis

Well informed employees

with improved performance

Approved by our customers

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