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Why Corporate Desktop Wallpapers Are Effective Communication Solutions

Corporate desktop wallpapers are easily overlooked due to their proliferation in organizations and businesses. But while they are seen as nothing more than ordinary, these tools actually help companies communicate with their employees in an efficient, effective and non-intrusive way.

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Due to the desktop background’s pervasiveness in the workplace, it is not a surprise that companies have seen the emergence of the corporate desktop wallpaper software, or programs that are utilized in the management and customization of staff desktop backgrounds. It can also aid in announcing important events and sending out emergency alerts to employees through their computers.

Here are the following reasons why corporate desktop wallpapers are effective communication solutions in the workplace:

1. They are accessible

Through the use of a corporate desktop wallpaper software, you can send out messages to your staff members that are easily accessible. Most employees in a company have their own computers, or have access to a computer at work. Logically, having their own computer means that they have their own computer screen, and therefore, access to their own desktop wallpaper. Messages sent through desktop background are therefore accessible to everyone, if not, almost everyone who work for the company. Accessibility to messages then makes the wallpaper one of the most effective communication solutions in the workplace because everyone can easily read and retrieve important information and announcements through this platform.

2. They are hard to miss

Messages sent out through a corporate desktop wallpaper software are hard to ignore or disregard – not unless employees to do so intentionally. This is because when employees sit at their desks and work on their computers, messages are always within their view. Because messages sent through desktop wallpapers are hard to miss, the likelihood of employees receiving and being informed of important information and announcements is high. This high likelihood means a more updated workforce that is fully aware of what is going on in the company they work for.

3. They do not disrupt work

Although messages are sent directly to the computers of employees, they stay on their desktop wallpapers without interrupting the programs that are open, and disrupting the work staff members are doing. This means that employees are able to continue their work without being bogged down by messages, which, in turn, makes them more productive and engaged in the role they have. And while they continue working, employees are still able to receive the important messages management sends out.

4. They reiterate important messages

Wallpapers are able to send out important messages employees are already aware of, but still need to be constantly reminded about. This includes information regarding company policies, mission, vision and values. While employees may be aware of these, reminding them every so often about them enables your staff to align their work and efforts towards the objectives of the company. This alignment helps everyone work towards the same goal, which, in turn, propels the company towards success.

5. They are customizable

Screen backgrounds are customizable. The IT or communications team can customize them according to the colors and logo of the company so that they are consistent with the image of the organization. Content and messaging can also be customized according to the tone of the business, and can be delivered to the computers of employees when management schedules them to be delivered. Customization also allows the IT or communications team to send out messages to specific departments in the company who need to be informed of particular information.

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