HR Communications

 Why HR communication is important

Why HR communication is important

Human Resources (HR) departments increasingly have a role to play in engaging employees, developing leaders, establishing or managing a culture of change, as well as communicating important organizational objectives.

Companies with good internal communications systems often have happier and more productive staff, and lower employee turnover. They attract and retain the best people, meaning better outcomes for the business and lower recruitment costs.

DeskAlerts for HR communications

What makes HR communication challenging

In the modern workplace important information can get lost in the “noise” of overcrowded email inboxes or internet sites. Staff can work in different geographic regions and even time zones. Some may be on the road while others are office bound. They might work different shifts at different times of day. It can be hard to ensure everyone has timely and up-to-date communication.

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Intranet Information

Use DeskAlerts to drive employees to important information on your school’s intranet site.


Target messages to all staff, or even groups of staff, who need to receive targeted information.

Schedule in advance

Schedule DeskAlerts in advance to be issued at certain dates and times.


The network can be sent reminders about important notices or upcoming events.


Send urgent messages to your employees even if their computer is on screensaver mode, locked or sleeping.


DeskAlerts will let you know that your recipients have read the messages

Communication Tools 

What Our Clients Say

Queen Mary University of London

We didn’t develop one internally due to the cost, it would have been far higher than purchasing software that has already been created and is constantly being updated.


We wanted a way to bring emergency messages to the user desktop, without any of the existing MS platforms. We needed a “popup” that would be “in the user face”, whatever they are doing at that moment in time.
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Improve HR Communications With DeskAlerts

Survey of 400 companies that each had more than 100,000 employees found an average loss of $62.4 million each year due to inadequate internal communication.


DeskAlerts Helps

DeskAlerts sends messages straight to your employees’ desktop or other devices in a way that cannot be ignored, meaning they will never miss important information. It can also be used as a training tool, or to quickly survey your employees to gather information.