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HR Communications

Engage, inspire and inform employees via reliable communication channels with a 100% read rate.

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Why HR Communication Is Important

Human Resources (HR) departments increasingly have a role to play in engaging employees, developing leaders, establishing or managing a culture of change, as well as communicating important organizational objectives.

Companies with good internal communications systems often have happier and more productive staff, and lower employee turnover. They attract and retain the best people, meaning better outcomes for the business and lower recruitment costs.


What Makes HR Communication Challenging

In the modern workplace important information can get lost in the “noise” of overcrowded email inboxes or intranet sites. Staff can work in different geographic regions and even time zones. Some may be on the road while others are office bound. They might work different shifts at different times of day. It can be hard to ensure everyone has timely and up-to-date communication.


All in one HR communication tool

DeskAlerts provides tools for every HR communications need

Reach employees on every type of device with a targeted, highly visible messages. You can use an option that will prevent employees from ignoring the message thus ensuring a 100% read rate.

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Powerful internal comms

Powerful internal comms

  • Pop-up and mobile alerts are excellent HR communication tools to introduce new employees and deliver important company news
  • Use desktop tickers to remind staff about deadlines and drive traffic to information posted on the intranet
  • Reinforce CEO message with video alerts
  • Use the RSVP tool for event invitations

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Fast staff surveys

Fast staff surveys

  • Get feedback the same day you send a survey
  • Bypass overloaded email inboxes by sending surveys directly to desktops and mobile phones
  • Get comprehensive statistics and make improvements based on your survey results

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Promote campaigns

Promote campaigns

  • Use corporate screensavers and wallpapers to reinforce your messaging
  • Digital signage can serve as digital billboard to remind staff about the campaign
  • Schedule all types of messages in advance
  • Gather feedback and statistics

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Introduce new policies

Introduce new policies

  • Use pop-up tools to introduce a new policy and get acknowledgment.
  • Use quizzes to check the level of understanding about new rules
  • Drive behavioral change by launching a campaign using different channels at once

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Better onboarding

Better onboarding

  • Create an onboarding program and deliver it via different channels
  • Check employees' knowledge with quizzes
  • Schedule messages in advance so new hires follow onboarding step by step

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Enhanced training

Enhanced training

  • Invite staff to training via the RSVP tool and make sure everyone knows about new training opportunities
  • Use video alerts to make the training more effective
  • Surveys and quizzes will let you evaluate employees' knowledge

Try DeskAlerts and see if it fits your HR communications needs

Our HR communications software will help you to streamline communications processes and spend less time on creating and sending messages and getting feedback.


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DeskAlerts Human resources communication tools



Send HR messages, surveys, and reminders directly to the employees' computer screens, bypassing email.



Reach every employee, even if they work off-site or are on the way.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Engage employees who are not sitting in front of their computers.

Features for effective HR communication


Intranet Information

Alert messages can contain links that direct employees to your company's intranet



Set niche audiences when your content is not relevant to all employees


Schedule In Advance

Write the notification now, but schedule it to send at a later time



Remind your employees about important matters that they need to pay attention to



Urgently notify your employees when there is an emergency

Reading Acknowledgment


Be sure that your employees have read your messages by checking their acknowledgment

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

“DeskAlerts has helped in getting important info to the employees in a very quick manner. I would definitely recommend DeskAlerts to other contacts.”
Philip Weiss
“We needed a solution to send emergency notifications to our employees that didn’t rely on the MS platform. Having a pop up notification was important to us.“
Ronald Rijntjes
“We mainly use DeskAlerts for internal communication within the East Africa member firms. It allows us to target communications to specific groups and has a better viewing percentage than emails. DeskAlerts has gained popularity throughout the organization and requests to use the tool have increased tremendously.”
Kenneth Kagunda
Applications Specialist, Deloitte

Benefits of using DeskAlerts for HR comms

Higher employee engagement

Decreased staff turnover

Better employee performance

Less time spent on routine

Lower level of information overload

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