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Corporate Communication Tools Every Company Must Have

The Most Popular DeskAlerts Tools


Desktop Alert

Messages appear as a pop-up window on your employees’ desktop monitors. The notifications show up in a way that can’t be missed or ignored.

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Emergency Notification Solution

When a crisis takes place you can let employees know, at the click of a button, what is happening and what steps they need to take to be safe.


Desktop Ticker

A scrolling news feed that appears on employee screens keeping them up-to-date with important information, announcements and events relevant to your company.


Mobile Notification

No matter where your employees are – if they work in the field or are travelling – they can receive DeskAlerts notifications straight to their Android or iOS devices.


Corporate Screensaver

Make the most of the valuable real estate provided by blank screens by displaying screensavers with targeted messaging and content.


Surveys/ Polls/ Quizzes

Engage your employees by sending surveys, polls and quizzes straight to their screens and get results in real time.

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Active Directory Integration

Integrate with your company’s Active Directory to create custom audiences.


API Integration

By using DeskAlerts’ third party integration API, you can trigger DeskAlerts to be sent from inside other software applications.


Extended Statistics

Determine the success of your campaigns by analyzing data about user responsiveness to your messages.

All in one, easy-to-use

With DeskAlerts you can quickly and easily send desktop notifications straight to your employees’ computer screens that appear in a pop-up box. This is a deliberately disruptive internal communications channel that cuts through the digital clutter and noise – appearing in a way that can’t be skipped, ignored or minimized, giving your peace of mind your corporate communications are being delivered.

As well as computers, DeskAlerts notifications can be sent to smartphone and tablets, and are compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The notifications can also be sent from a mobile phone application meaning you don’t have to be sitting at your desk in an office in order to communicate quickly with your employees.

Other features of DeskAlerts include integration with your Active Directory, centralized data storage, multi-domain support – and more! All of this is via one easy to use interface.

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The Extra DeskAlerts Tools

Digital signage pics

Digital Signage

Utilize LCD, LED and projection displays within your organization to show video content that promotes your company and campaigns.


Locked Screen Alert

Even if an employee’s screen is locked because they have stepped away from their computer, messages can be pushed to display on these screens.


Email Notifications

Send your notifications through the traditional channel of email.


Corporate Wallpaper

Utilize the space on your employees’ desktop background to display important corporate information and messages in a more passive way.


Video Alert

Video content is eye-catching and engaging. DeskAlerts enables you to send video messages in a variety of formats.


SMS Notifications

Wherever your employees are, you can send them an SMS alert with news from your company. 


Real-Time Mass Notifications

Deliver Over 10 000 Critical Notifications In 1-2 Seconds

one click

One-Click Alerts

Save Your Time By Sending A Pre-Defined Messages To A Pre-Defined Audience. Deliver Urgent Alerts In One Click.


SSO Integration

Reduce password fatigue from different user name and password combinations and time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity



Coordinate attendance at corporate events by bypassing the email system to send and manage invites.



Use the DeskAlerts interface to create engaging newsletters your employees will want to read.

Completely versatile

Reach employees in real-time. Use a dedicated client app, so that your message is not just “another email”. Schedule alerts and have them automatically close, keeping the content fresh.

You can send content in a range of formats including text, video, graphics or send hyperlinks. You can also send quizzes, polls, and surveys or use it to get employees to RSVP to important events. Our messages can be also sent to custom audiences

You can easily control which users receive DeskAlerts notifications and remove and add new users. And you can also limit users receiving rights, for example, you may want to stop someone from receiving who hasn’t paid subscription fees.

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Improve Workplace Communication And Boost Employee Engagement With DeskAlerts

No matter what urgent communication you want to deliver to your employees, you can do it with DeskAlerts. Send trading information, online learning modules, training videos, research and case studies, corporate news, conference and seminar opportunities and much more!