Corporate News (Templates)

Great way to communicate your organization’s important news, achievements and major announcements

Create a custom newsletter

Create a custom newsletter

DeskAlerts makes designing a newsletter easy – all you have to do is choose a template, make some adjustments to the design elements and then send your finished product to the recipients.

There is a range of layouts to choose from to suit your specific text and multimedia requirements. You can set color schemes to match your corporate branding. Your images and videos can be stored inside the app so that you can easily access them to reuse for any future messages.

Ultimately, you have total control over your newsletter. You determine what it will look like, any personalization you’d like to and even when it is sent to the recipients.


Streamline your creation with custom templates

No matter what type of organization you work for, this is an effective tool

You can cut down on the amount of time you spend creating your newsletters by using predefined templates or create your own. With this internal comms email software, you can create a range of different templates for different purposes, for example, staff newsletters, external newsletters, outage notifications and soon.

Templates can be easily adjusted and edited so they are a good fit for both your communications needs and your corporate branding objectives.

Unlike other newsletter software programs, DeskAlerts isn’t confined by the rules of email clients such as Outlook, and are delivered as a webpage. This means you can display video and other visually appealing content to boost your levels of engagement.

Using Active Directory integration you can send your internal newsletters to specified individual staff members, to work with teams or those who are located in a specific geographic region or to your entire company.  You can save these custom groups to send more communications to in the future.

This is a much more effective way of sending a corporate newsletter than simply emailing one, as it bypasses inbox clutter with its unique delivery method and is guaranteed to get the attention of your employees.

Reach out to your key stakeholders

Send newsletters to external or internal audiences. Reduce your employees’ inbox clutter


Benefits of the DeskAlerts newsletter

The Deskalerts internal newsletter software will send your communication to your employees' mobile phones or PCs in the form of an alert notification. It can also be broadcast via SMS or email with the choice to read it immediately or read it at another time in the future. You can send to employees regardless of whether they are using Windows or Mac operating systems.

You can also improve your readership rates by checking the settings to send your newsletter with notifications that will continue to remind the recipient that they have a new newsletter to read, and these will continue to occur until it has been read.


Newsletter Features

Active Directory

Synchronize with the Active Directory over unlimited domains

Scheduled Messaging

Create content in advance that is automatically sent at a future date and time.


Set a reminder that the employee will simultaneously see, in case there are upcoming events or important notices.

Reading Acknowledgment

The module shows senders indicators that will prove that the receivers have read the messages.

Recurring Messages

Send identical, repeating messages in an automated way that repeat at intervals determined by you.

Message Statistics

See who has looked at your messages and when they looked at it. You can also track by device.


With professional templates you can customize to suit your company

Send an internal communications newsletter, or send an external newsletter, all from the DeskAlerts interface.

  • Tell positive news stories about your employees professional or personal accomplishments which can motivate and inspire their peers
  • Showcase the achievements of other teams, branches, and individual employees as a way to improve communication within your company and dismantle information “silos” that can form when people don’t share knowledge freely
  • Keep your staff members informed about important news within your company such as staff moves, policy changes, projects you’re involved in
  • Send news from the HR department
  • As a vehicle to deliver content produced as part of your internal communications campaigns to raise awareness about specific issues, policies or projects
  • Inform staff about training and education activities
  • Broadcast Information about charity and social events
  • Distribute of meeting minutes


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