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How to Boost the Readership of Your Company Newsletter

Newsletters can be extremely powerful communication solutions. They can boost engagement while generating leads at the same time.

While you can certainly send plain text emails, they simply don’t catch the eye as newsletters published with the best software for newsletters. Newsletters that catch the eye and attract the attention of readers, help you build better campaigns while ensuring the information that needs to be relayed are received by those who require it.

However, even if you utilize the best software for newsletters to create your publication, there would be no point to creating this tool if your staff members are not reading what you are sending out.

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Here are some points you need to think about in order to boost the readership of your company newsletter:

1. Make sure your strategy drives your content

Before you even begin creating your newsletter, make sure your objectives are clear. What do you want your employees to know and understand?

Don’t invest in the best software for newsletters just yet. First, create a communications strategy that defines your goals. Pinpoint your audience and list down all the topics you believe they will want to read and know about. You will discover that a one-size-fits-all solution will not work. Most companies will actually discover that they will need to publish different internal newsletters to cater to different departments and groups.

2. Consumption drives the format of your newsletter

While some companies still opt for the traditional printed newsletter, a good number of organizations are opting to create email newsletters with the best software for newsletters around. However, while this might be the trend, make sure that your format caters to how your staff members consume information. Remember that different employees will access and consume information in different ways. While others lean more towards email newsletters, others might still be more comfortable reading news and updates from a printed newsletter.

The way people consume information makes it challenging to determine which format companies should take, leading to some opting for both formats. Consumption mixed with lack of time and an increase workload makes readership and capturing attention even more challenging than before.

In order to counter these challenges, it is recommended that companies streamline their content, giving very brief and verbose synopses in order to capture the attention of readers. Create catchy one-liners and headlines that give readers a clear idea of what the content is all about. Employees will greatly appreciate this effort as they are constantly bombarded with information as it is. Email newsletters in particular have the advantage of enabling readers to read through brief summaries and consequently clicking on links should they want to read more about particular topics.

3. Work for two-way communication

No matter the format they might take, newsletters are considered to be effective solutions for communication. However, they should only be considered as one important piece of a company’s overall communication plan.

Newsletters are considered to be tools that promote one-way communication, that is, the relationship between writer and reader is not dynamic. The writer communicates, while the reader only accepts and reads what is written. For many organizations, they consider employee feedback as a better way to communicate as it opens a dialogue between the parties involved in the interaction. However, while this may be the case, newsletters can actually also enhance two-way communication if those who are involved in its creation push for follow ups after the audience reads the materials featured. Follow ups can be done through surveys, letters to the editor, a call to other staff members to contribute to the newsletter, and others.

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