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Panic Button For Business

Send emergency alerts in one click.

A virtual panic button that sends more than 10,000 messages in one to two seconds to all employees' devices and can be clicked immediately after an emergency occurs.
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What is the DeskAlerts virtual panic button?

A panic button is used in a workplace emergency to launch specific actions and notifications. The DeskAlerts virtual notification button works in the same way.
Shortcuts are created in advance and placed on the mobile phone or desktop screen of employees with emergency management responsibilities. Clicking on the shortcut will trigger emergency alerts to be sent to employees’ devices - desktops, laptops, mobiles or digital screens on the company’s premises.
The DeskAlerts software panic button forms emergency alert module.

Act quickly in emergencies to protect people and business

Use shortcuts to quickly send pre-defined emergency notifications to your staff - reaching up to 10,000 people within a couple of seconds.

The emergency button triggers alerts via PCs laptops or tablets in seconds and you can be reassured your employees won't miss important information right when they need it.

You can use shortcuts to send pop-up alerts, full screen alerts and scrolling tickers.

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Prepare important notifications in advance to save time when it is needed the most

  • Create alerts in advance covering the most likely emergency scenarios (fire, intruder, inclement weather etc.)
  • Use alert color coding to categorize your messages based on the nature of ongoing emergency for quicker publishing.
  • Templates can be customized as much as you need, including adjusting colors, titles, and text. You can even insert images such as evacuation maps or video files.
  • Choose which users the messages will be sent to. For example, if the emergency is affecting one floor of a building only, you can send to just those saft members.
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DeskAlerts panic button features



Your emergency messages will appear on the employee’s screen, no matter what else they are doing at the time – even if it is locked or on screensaver mode.


Take over

Urgent messages can take over the entire computer screen and block the user from being able to do anything else.



Messages can be sent to different audience segments: send to the entire workplace, or to different audience demographics.

color codes

Color codes

Your messages can be sent using different alert border colors depending on the type of emergency and the seriousness of the incident.


Extended statistics

Receive reports about who has read your messages, how many people reacted to it etc. These statistics are in real time, offering you up-to-the-minute insights.


Role based access

Different employees can receive different content depending on their role within the organization.



A copy of your desktop alert can be sent as a voice message to employees’ phones instead, using the Twilio gateway.


Scheduling & recurrence

Alerts can be scheduled for specific dates and times and recurring notifications can be sent within patterns that you specify.



You can send messages that require the user to confirm they have read and understood what you have sent so that you can keep them accountable.

Benefits of using the DeskAlerts virtual panic button

  • Act faster in an emergency and cope more effectively.
  • Be certain everyone will be aware when an emergency happens.
  • Take control over what is sent out and who receives it during emergencies.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

"DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emersgency during terror attack, in the event of usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible."

CHU Saint pierre

Healthcare, Belgium



Communication is not missed anymore

“All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication.”
Accounting, East Africa

Broadcast information that affects daily work

“DeskAlerts lets us broadcast system information to users. We have placed information monitors in several positions in our building where we broadcast systems alerts and news to share information about system breakdowns or other significant information that can affect peoples’ daily work.”
Insurance, Denmark

It is important to have pop-up notifications

“DeskAlerts enabled us to deploy emergency notifications to our employees’ desktops without relying on any of the existing platforms. It was important for us to have a pop-up notification that would be in the user’s face, no matter what they were working on at the time.”


Pop-up alerts

Alerts are sent to computer screens and immediately get peoples’ attention, no matter what they are doing, so they can take appropriate action in an emergency situation.

Corporate wallpapers

Default computer desktop backgrounds are replaced with engaging images and raise awareness about what to do in an emergency.


Surveys are sent to desktop screens or mobile phones to check in on employees in an emergency: are they faring okay or do they need assistance?


DeskAlerts can be used as a panic button that sends text messages. All employees can be contacted about the emergency, even if they aren’t in the office or don’t have internet access.

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