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Mass Notification System Software

Instantly communicate with employees to keep them safe and to ensure business resilience.

DeskAlerts delivers more than 10,000 emergency notifications in one to two seconds on desktops, mobile phones and digital signage screens.

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What is DeskAlerts Real-time Mass Notification Solution?

The DeskAlerts emergency alerts module works as a mass notification software solution, sending mass notifications in real time to any corporate device before, during and after a critical situation occurs.

The emergency mass notification system has more than 12 communication channels to instantly inform employees about emergencies, coordinate their actions, get feedback, conduct training and raise awareness.

Messages can be sent in different formats (text, image, video etc).


Mass alerting able to reach every targeted employee in a matter of seconds

Send mass notifications with only one click using a digital version of a panic button – known as “shortcuts”. You can place shortcuts on the desktops of your reception team or use the emergency mobile app to send an alert instantly as a situation unfolds.

Shortcuts will send pre-created alert notifications and decrease the time it takes to send and deliver your messages to a fraction of a second.

Using color codes will help employees clearly identify what is going on and so they can take the appropriate next steps.

Targeted notifications can be sent to all employees or only a group of them (based on their location, department and other criteria) - from tens of thousands of employees to one individual.

Ensure all recipients read the messages with confirmation reports.

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A range of tools to alert, get feedback and improve preparedness

During a crisis, it’s crucial to alert all affected employees, grab their attention and clearly communicate what they need to do. The power of DeskAlerts as an employee notification system is in using all available channels at once and leaving no chance your message will not be seen.

  • deliver notifications straight to desktops, blocking them entirely until they are read
  • reach employees who are outside the office with SMS notification and mobile alerts
  • keep deskless employees informed by using digital signage

After an emergency, make sure everybody is safe and have all they need - with DeskAlerts surveys.

A resilient business is one that is prepared for anything. improve emergency preparedness by using powerful visual communications tools (corporate screensavers and lockscreens).

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Empower mass notification by integrating with other solutions

  • Generate alerts automatically based on monitoring systems/CRM/incident management systems output and deliver instantly to the people  involved in crisis resolution.
  • Enhance staff information security by automatically publishing alerts to employees' desktops if antivirus software detects a threat.
  • Supplement existing emergency and crisis notification systems (e.g. publish an evacuation plan to everyone's desktop as the PA system announces an earthquake warning).
  • Any other integrations such as getting signals from external systems API’s are possible.
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DeskAlerts Real-Time Mass Notification Features



Emergency messages will be shown no matter what user is doing at that moment in time - even if their screen is blocked.


Take over

Emergency messages will be shown no matter what user is doing at that moment in time - even if their screen is blocked.



Target messages to all staff, or just groups of staff, depending on the situation.

color codes

Color codes

Use different skins (alert border colors) to determine the type of event and the level of emergency.



Create shortcuts on the desktops of people who have publisher access so they can send the alert in a couple of seconds.


Role based access

Determine who gets to send each type of content to various segments of your organization.



Send a copy of your desktop alert as a voice message to an employee's phone (based on Twilio gateway).


Scheduling & recurrence

Schedule alerts to be sent on specific date and time. Notifications can recur in accordance with a specified pattern.



Get confirmation of reading and compliance to ensure better understanding and behavioral change.

Send mass messages to employees‌ ‌via DeskAlerts and you will:

  • Improve the resilience and business continuity of your organization.
  • Help save lives when there is little time to act by providing alerts and detailed instructions during a crisis.
  • Be sure everyone knows what they need to do in an emergency.

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

"DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emersgency during terror attack, in the event of usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible."

CHU Saint pierre

Healthcare, Belgium



Communication is not missed anymore

“All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication.”
Accounting, East Africa

Broadcast information that affects daily work

“DeskAlerts lets us broadcast system information to users. We have placed information monitors in several positions in our building where we broadcast systems alerts and news to share information about system breakdowns or other significant information that can affect peoples’ daily work.”
Insurance, Denmark

It is important to have pop-up notifications

“DeskAlerts enabled us to deploy emergency notifications to our employees’ desktops without relying on any of the existing platforms. It was important for us to have a pop-up notification that would be in the user’s face, no matter what they were working on at the time.”


Pop-up alerts

The alert is delivered to computer screens and immediately captures employees’ attention no matter what they are doing at that moment.

Corporate wallpapers

Replace default backgrounds with engaging images and raise awareness among employees.


Send surveys directly to your employees' screens or mobile phones to make sure they are ok and find out if they need any assistance.


Reach all employees with your alert even if they are not in the office or do not have internet connection.

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