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deliver Over 10 000 critical notifications in 1-2 seconds on employee Laptops, Desktops and mobile devices

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What is DeskAlerts Real-time Mass Notification Solution?

It's a complete overhaul of DeskAlerts message delivery mechanism, that minimizes the delay between message being sent and received, effectively bringing it down to fraction of a second. It also supports much higher messaging volume - enabling you to send out tens of thousands of messages daily, without allocating too much hardware for the server.

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Mass Notifications in One-click:

  • narrows the time between publisher triggering a pre-created alert and the message delivery to fraction of a second;
  • can be used to supplement your emergency and crisis notification systems (e.g. publish an evacuation plan to everyone's desktop as the PA system announces an earthquake warning);
  • ensure that your staff are safe in the event of a crisis by sending instant messages and gathering the reading confirmation reports

Mass Notifications with API integration:

  • get the benefits of instant message delivery combined with automated message publishing, with no man in the middle;
  • generate alerts automatically based on monitoring systems/CRM/incident management systems output and deliver instantly to parties involved in crisis resolution;
  • enhance staff informational security by automatically publishing alerts to employees' desktops if AV software detects a threat

Send Mass Messages To Employees‌ ‌And You Will:

  • Improve safety and security of an organization by providing alerts and rich instructions during a crisis.
  • Protect organizations from data loss when critical systems are in risk of malfunction.
  • Help save lives when there is indeed little time to act.
  • Form a part of your crisis communications plan by using templates for various emergencies preceded with appropriate staff training.
  • Send Rich content with pictures, links, phone numbers, maps, diagrams and other useful information that will help to make faster decisions.

Case studie for CHU Saint-Pierre Belgium

"DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emergency during terror attack, in the event of usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible."
CHU Saint-Pierre case study

Healthcare, Belgium

mass alert app ‌

Integration With Other Notification Solutions:

  • When combined with One-click notification module it can be configured to send an emergency message by clicking one button on desktop or from the emergency alert app is available for Android and iOS).
  • By Active Directory integration the system will allow you to target employees, groups or departments based on your automatically synchronized AD Data.
  • With the help Alert module train your employees to respond in crisis and use Surveys to perform a post-training verification of employee readiness on emergency topics.
  • Use the corporate wallpaper and screensaver function to place information about emergency readiness on all employee screens
Any other integrations such as getting signals from external systems API’s is possible Ask sales

We Always Have Solutions

If you need a tailored solution, DeskAlerts staff can provide an additional service where we will work with you to make custom settings to suit your business’ unique needs.


DeskAlerts Real-Time Mass Notification Features

Improved near real-time technology - sometimes seconds count and even fractions of a second could be a life-changing difference. Ability to deliver information in almost real-time means getting critical updates in hands of those who can act fast. With typical network latency delivering your message could take seconds and even minutes if your network is less optimized. Emergency Mass Notification uses technology that allows long-held connection with a server thus getting messages delivered immediately to thousands and even tens of thousands.

Skins - skin your critical communications to give them professional look and feel (* we will require skins to be presented 2 weeks in advance before the module is deployed)

Notification Templates - Create emergency notification templates to save time and use them again in the future.

Targeting - Target messages to all staff, or just groups of staff, depending on the situation.

Popup alerts - Messages will appear as pop-up alerts across employee screen on Laptops, PCs and their mobile devices.

Technical details

Platforms supported: Windows iOs Android

Underlying technology: WebSockets

Latency: On a LAN, you can get times for messages over WebSocket of 200 microsec. On WAN (to server in same country) around 30ms.

Network load: extremely low: 1 Mbps per 10,000 standby users.

Server Requirements:

Windows 2008 Server and up (including 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016)
IIS 5.1 or higher (.Net core required) 
MSSQL 2008 
Core i5 or higher 3GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, 500 MB free hard drive space

Workstation requirements:

256 MB RAM, 100 MB free hard drive space

Windows 7 and higher

Ios: 9.3 and up

Android: KitKat or higher

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