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Key Features of a Mass Notification System

Caroline Duncan - Mar 15, 2018 3:13:23 PM

There are times when you need to quickly and easily communicate with your entire workforce. It could be because your organization is experiencing a critical IT issue, there is an emergency situation unfolding or there’s some breaking news about your company and you want your employees to hear it from management first.


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When you have important information to send and time is of the essence, you need an internal communications channel that will allow the majority of your users to see the information in the shortest amount of time possible.

Email really isn’t the tool for the job. Staff aren’t always focusing on their inboxes waiting for new messages to drop. In fact, emails are likely to get ignored and not even opened at all. Putting urgent information on an intranet site or a corporate social network relies on staff to be looking at it when you need them to. And making phone calls to everyone in the organization just isn’t practical.

The best tool for the job is a mass notification system, such as DeskAlerts.

DeskAlerts is an internal communications solution you can use to send pop-up messages to your employees’ screens. The messages will appear no matter what other software application they are using at the time – ensuring that the information gets to them quickly. Messages can be sent even if screens are on screensaver mode, standby or sleep mode.

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These pop-up messages can’t be skipped or ignored and require a user response.

When there is an emergency, the notifications you send care able to tell people what steps they should take next – such as to evacuate or shelter-in-place. Traditional sirens and warning sounds aren’t able to communicate this detail.

DeskAlets integrates easily with your existing IT systems, and can be used to connect to just about any modern device with the ability to send mobile alerts if you would like to ensure your staff who are in the field or travelling are kept in the loop.

Key features of DeskAlerts include:

Ability to target audience

You can choose who you send your messages to. You can broadcast to your entire list of employees, or select a targeted group of users based on parameters such as work location or work team.

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Create templates ahead of time

When you have an emergency or critical incident, you want to communicate with your employees quickly to get your message across.

DeskAlerts lets you pre-create a range of templates such as emergency alert notification templates so when the time comes to use them, all you need to do is populate the template with the information about the situation you are facing.

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Compatibility with other emergency systems

You can integrate DeskAlerts with a variety of other emergency systems that may already be in use within your organization. For example, the color alert codes that hospitals use, disaster alarms and tornado warning sirens.

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Is easy to use

Emergency situations are so volatile you often can’t afford to lose even a minute when it comes to communicating. DeskAlerts is an extremely easy system to use and requires no specialist IT knowledge. Messages can be created and sent in seconds.

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