Digital Signage

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Creative and colorful way to communicate messages

Digital signage is an effective way of communicating your messages to an audience wherever you have a screen – for example in a waiting room, in staff rooms and other areas.

Think of it as being like a smaller scale version of a dynamic billboard. You have a captive audience, you can engage them with your content with a digital signage solution.

Unlike traditional bulletin boards which are static, a digital signage solution can be creative and colorful, with moving announcements, and can use photos and video.

A digital signage solution is perfect for communicators who are looking for additional ways to communicate their messages, and can be utilized for both internal and external corporate communication.



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What Does DeskAlerts Digital Signage Do?

The DeskAlerts Digital Signage solution helps you use LED, LCD and projection displays to show a content of different formats such as videos, images, graphics, and text. A digital signage solution is a good way to share information, corporate news and product and service promotions to employees inside the office, and clients in your public areas. See how it works in our online demo.



LCD, LED, And Projection Display Support

Compatibility with LCD, LED, and Projection displays.

Recurring Messages

Automate video message sending, send identical messages across all scrolling tickers in the network in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.

Rich Content

Use images, HTML, clickable links, video, scrolling text, Flash, and even presentation slides with 100% visual quality.

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule messages on a particular date and time.

Embeddable Video URL Format

Link external pages from YouTube and Vimeo through embeddable URLs.

Message Statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates.

Companies choose to create dynamic digital signage to feature not only text, but also vibrant images, audio, and video to draw employee attention without losing engagement immediately