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Improve Employee Motivation With Digital Signage

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How engaged and motivated are your employees at work?  If you’re not sure of the answer to this question, there’s a good chance that your company is like many others out there:

according to a Gallup survey only 36% of U.S. employees were engaged in their jobs - meaning they didn’t feel connected to, motivated or enthusiastic about their work.  

This problem has been worsening in recent times:

a report by the Conference Board found that employee job satisfaction had decreased since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with only 47% of U.S. employees reporting being satisfied with their jobs.

Overall, boosting employee motivation can have a significant impact on the success of the company, the satisfaction of its employees, and the quality of its products or services. Finding innovative ways to motivate employees and build a positive company culture can help you achieve this.

Table of contents

Reasons why employees can feel unmotivated

Why it’s important to boost employee motivation

How to improve employee motivation with digital signage

How DeskAlerts can be used to display digital signage

Reasons why employees can feel unmotivated

By identifying the root causes of employee demotivation, businesses can take appropriate steps to address and mitigate these issues and create a more motivated and engaged workforce.

There can be several reasons why employees may not be motivated:

1. Lack of recognition and appreciation

Employees can become demotivated when they feel that their contributions are not valued or recognized by their employer or colleagues.

2. Poor leadership

Employee motivation can decrease when there is ineffective leadership within the organization or the leaders do not provide clear direction, feedback, or support to staff.

3. Lack of career development opportunities

 Employees who do not see opportunities for career advancement or professional growth within their organization may become disengaged and start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

4. Inadequate compensation and benefits

A common cause of employee disengagement is when they feel their benefits package is not competitive with what they could earn elsewhere in the industry or 

5. Poor work-life balance 

When employees feel overwhelmed or stressed by their workload they can start to feel resentment, burnout and fatigue. This in turn can cause them to switch off and be less engaged.

6. A poor company culture 

There are many different ways an organization can have a poor culture: from a toxic workplace rife with bullying and harassment through to company values that do not align with those of the employees. When people don’t feel like they fit the culture, they will cease to engage with it.

Why it’s important to boost employee motivation?

There are many good reasons for companies to look at improving employee motivation:

  • Motivated employees tend to be more productive, engaged, and committed to their work, resulting in better quality output, higher efficiency, and increased profitability for the company.
  • Improved job satisfaction- employees are more likely to enjoy their work, find it meaningful, and feel a sense of accomplishment. This leads to lower turnover rates.
  • When employees are motivated, they are more likely to think outside the box, come up with creative solutions and innovate, which can lead to better business outcomes.
  • Motivated employees tend to work better in teams, communicate more effectively and collaborate to achieve common goals, This results in a more positive work environment and better team performance.
  • When employees are motivated they tend to provide better customer service, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and more business for the company.

How to improve employee motivation with digital signage

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Digital signage for the workplace refers to the use of electronic displays or screens to convey information, messages, or announcements to employees or visitors within a workplace or office setting. 

The signage can be placed in various locations throughout a workplace, including break rooms, lobbies, conference rooms and common areas. These displays can be interactive or non-interactive, and the content can be updated remotely and scheduled to display at specific times. 

It has become an increasingly popular tool in the workplace, providing employers with a dynamic and effective way to communicate with their employees. This technology enables companies to share various types of content, including news updates, company announcements, safety alerts, employee recognition, product demos and marketing campaigns in a visually compelling way. It can also be used to improve employee motivation. 

Here are five ways you can use digital signage for improving motivation, engagement, productivity, and satisfaction among your employees:

1. Recognizing and celebrating employees 

An essential part of building a positive and productive workplace culture is recognizing the hard work and contributions that are made by employees. Use digital signage to display employee photos, share their stories or highlight their achievements. This can not only make employees feel appreciated and valued but also inspire them to continue to excel and take pride in their work.

2. Display motivational messages 

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of inspiration to boost employee morale and motivation. Displaying motivational quotes, positive affirmations, or other inspiring messages can help to uplift your employees' moods, encourage a growth mindset, and motivate them to stay focused and productive at work.

3. Share company news and updates

When you keep employees informed about the latest news and updates related to your company, you can help them feel more connected and engaged. Digital signage can be used to showcase upcoming projects, share revenue growth, or announce new hires or promotions. Digital signage for employee communication can help foster a sense of transparency, which can ultimately lead to a more motivated and productive workforce.

4. Promote training and development opportunities

It is essential for employees’ growth and career advancement to offer them training and development opportunities, Digital signage can be used to promote workshops, seminars or online courses that can help employees improve their skills, knowledge, and performance. As well as improving motivation and engagement, digital signage training and development promotion can also help develop a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

5. Share employee-generated content

Employees are the heart of your organization.  Showcasing their unique perspectives and contributions can help to build a sense of community and connection. Employee-generated content such as photos, videos, or testimonials can be displayed that highlight employee achievements, ideas, or projects. This can not only foster a more collaborative and supportive workplace but also encourage employees to take ownership of their work and feel more invested in the company's success.

How DeskAlerts can be used to display digital signage

DeskAlerts is an internal communication software system that offers a range of features, including digital signage, to improve communication and employee engagement in the workplace

DeskAlerts can be used to send digital signage to any screen within your organization – including PC desktops or other digital screens – to transform them into engaging moving billboards that capture employees’ attention with their eye-catching imagery.

The system is easy to use – once it is installed on employee devices you simply log in to a control panel and upload a file that will be automatically sent to the screens that you choose.

You can send the same digital display to every screen in your organization, or target different screens with different information. For example, you may send site-specific information to screens that are located in different geographic areas.

Digital signage sits alongside all of DeskAlerts’ other innovative digital tools used to boost engagement and workplace communication, including pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, surveys quizzes and polls, corporate wallpapers and screensavers, text messages, newsletters and a mobile app.


If you want to find out more about how you could be using it in your company, as well as improving the technology you use for communications, reach out to our experts today for a free demo of DeskAlerts’ digital signage and other tools. Why not leverage the power of digital signage and take your employee motivation to the next level?

Frequently asked questions

How can technology be used to motivate employees?

Technology can be used in various ways to motivate employees, such as using gamification, recognition and rewards programs, and providing personalized feedback through performance management software.

How to use smart technology to increase employee motivation?

Smart technology can be used to increase employee motivation by implementing intelligent systems that recognize employee achievements and offer personalized rewards, using smart wearables to monitor employee wellness and productivity, and using AI-powered chatbots to provide instant feedback and support.

How can I motivate my employees online?

Motivating employees online requires creating a virtual work environment that fosters communication, collaboration, and engagement. This can be achieved by using video conferencing software for team meetings, implementing digital communication tools, providing remote learning and development opportunities, and recognizing employee achievements through online recognition programs.

How digitalization helps employees?

Digitalization helps employees by streamlining workflows, reducing administrative tasks, and improving communication and collaboration. It also provides employees with access to online training and development resources, promotes remote work flexibility, and improves the overall employee experience.

What are some examples of digital tools that can help motivate employees?

Examples of digital tools that can help motivate employees include performance management software, employee recognition platforms, project management software, communication and collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, virtual meeting software like Zoom or Webex, and employee wellness apps like Headspace or Calm.

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