RSVP Management Tool

The best way to invite staff to attend your events

event scheduling and reminder alert

Event scheduling and reminder alert

An RSVP is a response provided by someone who has been invited to attend an event. They can tell the host that they will attend, decline the invitation or provide another response such as asking to reschedule, or tentatively confirming their availability.

With the DeskAlerts staff RSVP invitation tool:

  • Quickly and easily invite your employees to attend a range of corporate events such as meetings, workshops, functions, parties, launches, and social events.  
  • Send employee invitations via a pop-up notification that appears on the employee’s computer desktop, bypassing the email system entirely and guaranteeing its likelihood of being seen and acted on.
  • Your employees can also respond to your invitations quickly and easily from smartphones and tablets, not just their PC desktops.

How can RSVP help you?

Send eye-catching invitations that guarantee a response

Benefits include:

  • A much higher response and attendance rate at events than you could expect from other methods of sending invites
  • Maximize attendance both conveniently and cost-effectively
  • Save time and money
  • Notify, qualify, schedule and allocate resources without even leaving your seat
  • Monitor the event open rates, readership levels, and engagement with real-time analytics and reporting
  • Effortlessly track event attendees as well as whether they have any special preferences or other
  • Follow up with those who haven’t responded by sending reminders
  • Remind staff or groups of employees about deadlines
  • Motivate your staff
  • Include multiple event options with dates, times and qualifiers to send to any device on your network

Reduce your efforts

Increase efficiency, awareness and attendance


Benefits of Deskalerts RSVP software

When creating a new DeskAlerts event invitation, simply select the “add RSVP” tab and fill out the relevant fields to create the event. It can be set to “read now” or “read later” or you can specify recurrence options to ensure employees respond to your event RSVP notifications in real time. You are also able to control the size of the RSVP alert and where it will appear on a user’s screen.


RSVP Invitation Powerful Features

RSVP templates

The customizable RSVP templates can be designed to include eye-catching logos and images to stand out and get the attention of the recipients. They can be themed to match the event or to have the same look and feel as your overall corporate branding.

Checking response

The user receives an invitation with the option to attend or decline, as well as a text box for a custom answer. The fully automated real-time reporting can be accessed so you can track who is attending your event, and who is still to respond.

Different settings

They can be sent as high-priority alerts, unobtrusive, self-destructing, auto-closing after a set period of time or with a lifetime expiration time of when they will no longer be shown. You can also schedule a time to send an alert or create them to recur.

Active Directory

DeskAlerts is easy to use straight out of the box and integrates with your Active Directory to make distribution easy – you can create custom groups, send to teams, individuals or the entire organization.


The RSVP app is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and pushes invites straight to mobile devices or PC screens.


You can also create an invitation using Outlook and then save the file to attach to the message.

Easy invite your employees to attend a range of corporate events

Check the power of RVSP invitation tool

  • Distributes your invitations directly to your staff’s computers and devices
  • Assures you will receive responses to crucial events
  • Reduces time spent on determining attendance and following up with non-responders
  • Can be used to target individual recipients, teams, or the entire organization
  • Can be used to create customized content including multiple choice options
  • Boosts participation rates to corporate events such as CEO briefings, training, and social functions.

A demo version is available to let you download and trial the RSVP tool.