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Maximize Your Attendance at Meetings and Events with the DeskAlerts RSVP Tool

Whether you need an idea so you can get the right sized venue, order the right amount of catering or just be sure that everyone who should be attending something critical is actually there, it’s important to have a handle on the numbers of people expected from an organizing perspective.

Benefits of RSVP tool

While it’s good manners and etiquette to RSVP to an event so that the host is not inconvenienced in any way, in today’s modern workplace this can be problematic.

In most workplaces, meeting and event invitations are sent as a calendar invite over email. However this can be problematic as email in itself is an unreliable medium for delivering important communications.

According to data from the Radicati Group, around 292 billion emails are sent globally every day – that equates to around 2.4 million every single second! Workers are drowning in emails, with many getting missed in cluttered inboxes or never opened at all.

This means your important invites may not be seen.

Other times when you send a meeting request via email, it may be seen but the recipient might be sidetracked before they can accept it. The email and the invite are then forgotten.

And there are times where external recipient may have an incompatible mail/calendar system and can’t accept or send responses to meeting invites from the system that your company uses.

DeskAlerts can help to get in front of your employees to solve this issue and maximize attendance at meetings and corporate events.

You can use the RSVP invitation tool that comes as part of the DeskAlerts software solution to quickly and easily invite staff to your events.

The invitations are sent as a pop-up notification appearing on employees PC screens. There’s no need to use the email system at all, and the invitation will appear no matter what other software the employee is using at the time.

The alerts may be set to “read now” or “read later” and you can also set them to recur so you will eventually capture the response from every employee.

DeskAlerts’ built in metrics tool will enable you to see which employees have seen your invites and which ones haven’t.

The system is completely customizable – you can determine how the invite will look, where it will appear on screens and when it will appear. You can schedule in advance.

Who you send to is also completely up to you: you can set it to be sent to your entire workforce, or target niche audiences such as project teams, geographic regions, job types, managers and so on.

Invites can also be sent to employees to respond from their smartphones or tablets.

You can also use the RSVP tool to capture additional information such as dietary requirements, preferred meeting times or questions that participants would like to ask so everyone can be prepared in advance.

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