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Corporate Lock Screen For Computers

Caroline Duncan - Nov 4, 2021 5:45:00 PM

TheDeskAlerts – the Corporate Lock Screen tool – is one of our many useful channels that you can utilize and add to your existing arsenal of internal communications tools to grab your employees’ attention in the workplace. It works by turning the lock screens of your employees’ computers into a communication channel.

Topics: Corporate Communication Tools- Employee Communication Channels- Internal Communication Channels- Internal Communication Tools- Corporate lockscreen

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How To Personalize Lock Screen For Better Internal Communication: 10 Best Ideas

Caroline Duncan - May 14, 2021 12:33:19 PM


Good internal communications help your company to operate effectively, with well-informed employees understanding strategic goals, priorities, policies, and protocols to ensure success.

Topics: Desktop Alerts- Desktop Alerts Software- Internal Communication Tools- Corporate lockscreen

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