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Top 10 Lock Screen Ideas for Internal Communications

lockscreen ideasIn the modern workplace, internal communicators have their work cut out for them, competing with more distractions than ever for employees’ attention. The more communication channels you have at your disposal, the more likely your information will be seen.

If you’re not making the most of all the ways you can use your employees’ computers to deliver messages to them, you’re missing out on key opportunities to communicate. One of these ways is to use the computer lock screen as a vehicle for message delivery.

Table of contents

What are corporate lock screens?

What are the benefits of using the lock screen for internal communications?

Ten lock screen message ideas to use in your workplace

What are corporate lock screens?

The lock screen is the screen that appears on the computer before an employee logs in to the system. This is a highly visible space that every employee will have to look at every time they log on – there is no way of avoiding it. They will see it not only when they log on at the beginning of the day but also throughout the day when they have to re-enter their passwords.

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What are the benefits of using the lock screen for internal communications?

Using lock screens for internal communications provides an additional communications channel to send both urgent and non-critical information to your employees.

The benefits of choosing this method of communication include:

  • Information is delivered in a non-intrusive and non-disruptive way to employees as they see it when they are logging in to the system
  • Requires no effort from the employee in order to be seen
  • Highly visible and guaranteed to be seen
  • Can use imagery to be more engaging
  • Can be used to send key messages, updates, etc., or as a way to reinforce other communications campaigns
  • Helps with message retention and recall because of repetition throughout the day

Ten lock screen message ideas to use in your workplace

If you’re not sure how to start using this feature in your internal communications, here are some lockscreen ideas to get you started:

1. Send engaging and inspirational messages

Inspirational and motivational quotes are a good way to engage employees, boost morale and help to increase workplace harmony. Good internal communication is a core element of employee engagement. Including motivational and inspirational quotes as a lock screen message is a great addition to your other employee engagement activities and helps to build a strong corporate culture.

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2. Promote upcoming corporate events

One of the best lock screen message ideas is to use it as a way to drum up publicity for various corporate events. Whether its the annual Christmas party or a quarterly town hall meeting, using the locksreen is a great place to promote it and keep it front-of-mind. You can even change the lockscreen daily and count down the days to a big event to help build excitement.

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3. Health and safety messages

There are many potential dangers and hazards in the workplace. Often when people are onboarded to the organization they’ll take a mandatory safety course. Sometimes the information they learn can be forgotten. The lockscreen is a great place to share hints, tips and reminders about workplace hazards and steps people should take to be safe, and to keep their colleagues safe. You can also include visuals so people can see what they need to be aware of and what they need to do.

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4. Cyber security tips

Cyber security should be front of mind for all employees. Human error is responsible for the majority of data breaches that befall companies. Lockscreen ideas for cyber security awareness include best-practice password tips, awareness of phishing and other identity scams, reminders about ransomware and more.

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5. Policy changes

When you have new internal rules, regulations, policies and protocols, people are sometimes unaware of them, or forget about them. Emails and intranet updates may not be read. Failure to adhere to new policies can be problematic on many levels – from financial, to legal to reputational issues. The lockscreen is a good place to promote the fact there has been an important policy change and to explain why people must follow it.

6. Important company news

The lock screen is a good place to communicate your most important company news. This can be about:

  • Sales figures and KPIs
  • New company projects
  • New products or services that are being offered
  • Project milestones
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Awards that the company has won
  • Changes to key personnel
  • Reminders about important deadlines.

7. Emergency information

There are two ways to use the lockscreen for emergency management: this includes for emergency preparedness and during an actual emergency.

For preparedness, the lockscreen can be used to communicate reminders about what to do in an emergency situation (for example, a fire, hurricane, or active shooter) and what steps people should take to be safe.

During an emergency, you can ensure the lockscreen has messages that let people know there is a critical situation they need to be aware of so that they can take appropriate steps to be safe. This would not replace any other emergency systems you have in place, such as emergency warnings, but it could complement them.

8. Personalized messages

When you use DeskAlerts to manage your corporate lockscreens, you can send customized messages to individual employees or to groups of employees. These can help you to send reward and recognition messages thanking people for their work. You could wish employees a happy birthday or congratulate them on a work anniversary.

This method can also be used to send people reminders about things they need to do – for example, if someone hasn’t completed mandatory training, they can be reminded on their lockscreen.

9. Human resource messages

The HR department has a number of things that it needs to communicate with employees. Some great lockscreen ideas for HR include:

  • Advice about payroll dates
  • Reminders about performance agreements
  • Information about pay raises
  • Reminders about HR deadlines
  • Reminding people about various employee benefits.

10. Letting people know about IT issues

The helpdesk team is often overworked, especially if there is an outage or other incident. They’ll spend a lot of time fielding calls and answering questions, often about the same incident over and over

If you’ve ever logged on for the day to find your email is down or the internet isn’t working, for example, you might be one of a few hundred people to subsequently call the helpdesk to ask about it. When there’s a known outage like this, it can be helpful to let people know via their lockscreen so when they log on for the day, they will know that this is happening and that the IT team is working to resolve it.


Incorporating corporate lock screen messages into your internal communications toolbox is a great way to send information to people that you know they’ll see each and every day that they are working.

Get in touch with our experts today to find out how you can use DeskAlerts to send lockscreen messages to your employees quickly and easily.



Can you put a message on your lock screen?

Computer lock screens can be customized to display messages or graphics, such as lock screen password security ideas.

What software can I use to manage lockscreens in the company?

The best lock screen message software is DeskAlerts – an internal communication solution that has a range of different channels and tools, including a lock screen tool, to communicate quickly with employees.

What do you write on a lock screen message?

Corporate lock screen messages can be on any topic you like. They may be about important company news, reminders about events, policy changes, deadlines, or promoting employee benefits. Whatever your topic is, you should ensure that the language in your lockscreen message is engaging, clear, concise and gets the point across.

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