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Best employee engagement ideas

Engaged and motivated employees will always be ideal for employers and managers. When employees are engaged, they are more motivated to do a good job, and they are more productive. Engaged employees are also more likely to stay with the company they work for for years.

Here are some ideas for employee engagement you can use in your organization:

1. Training programs

One of the best ideas for employee engagement is offering staff members training programs that will allow them to enhance their current skills, and allow them to grow in their career.

By offering training programs to employees, it is an explicit expression that managers and employers want their workforce to become better people and better workers, and that they care about their staff members’ need to advance in their careers with the company.

2. Parties

Most organizations through parties to celebrate holidays as well as to simply celebrate the year they’ve had. Giving employees the opportunity to celebrate with their managers and peers will make them feel like they are valued and that they are the company’s priority.

While some businesses celebrate more occasions than others, most companies believe that two annual parties are enough especially if they are big celebrations. In order to make your parties count, a good idea would be to invite spouses and significant others, and or families as well to the events.

3. Employee tournaments and games

Aside from being an opportunity to take a break from their usual work routines, employee tournaments and games are some of the best ideas for employee engagement because they promote engagement and camaraderie. Examples of games and tournaments include ping-ping and pool tournaments, office-wide fantasy basketball games, or even bake offs. Some companies go as far as having annual office Olympics wherein teams are formed from different departments.

4. Recognition programs

These programs are some of the best opportunities for employees to feel engaged and motivated. In as much as employees need constructive feedback in order to work better and more efficiently, staff members also need to be acknowledged for the effort and good work they do. Recognition programs such as award ceremonies or even employee of the month plaques make acknowledged staff members feel proud and valued, and will make other employees feel motivated to work harder so they too can receive awards in the future.

5. Team-building activities and seminars

Some of the best ideas for employee engagement include team-building activities and seminars. This is particularly true if seminars and activities are held outside the office.

While some companies opt for more formal team-building seminars, which are usually organized and scheduled by the human resources department, other teams seek more entertaining and informal activities. Some organizations go for activities such as bowling, winery tours, laser tag and even go-cart racing. These activities allow employees to bond outside of the workplace, and maybe even find some common ground.

6. Bar nights

A lot of companies hold bar nights at the end of the work week at their local bar or restaurant so that employees can blow off steam. While bar nights are typically more attractive for employees who drink, make sure not to make these activities exclusive to drinkers. Make sure there are non-alcoholic alternatives available to those who choose and do not drink alcohol.

7. Charity Days and fundraisers

Charity days and fundraisers are great opportunities for both managers and employees to feel a sense of camaraderie as well as feel that they are doing something good. These causes are more effective if they greatly affect or hit your employees, so make sure to ask your staff the charities and causes they feel passionate about.

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