Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Is Preferred By Many Companies Around The World

Active directory integration provides numerous advantages to end users and the company itself. For the company, including its IT team, active directory integration results to faster deployment of any software. Instant messaging systems, desktop alerts, email notification, and other communication software can be installed and run on the network through active directory integration. Network administrators can perform various tasks like adding and managing users, creating custom groups, scheduling synchronization dates and times, and more. For the workers, active directory integration means simplified way of logging on to a program. For one, they don’t need to have multiple user IDs and passwords to be able to access different software applications. Moreover, they don’t have to go through redundant authentication processes just to be able to use a program.

DeskAlerts Active Directory Integration

Integrating with Active Directory is one of the most vital features of DeskAlerts, since it simplifies targeting the information in large organization. Use existing organizational units and security groups to deliver the notifications on a location or role basis, or target selected individual recipients for maximum precision.
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