Employee Survey Software For Tracking Employee's Engagement

Gauge what is working well within an organization and where improvements can be made

Customize corporate survey pop-ups

Create eye-catching survey pop-ups

  • You can send the questionnaire to your staff as a pop-up notification that will get their immediate attention.
  • No limit to how many surveys, polls or quizzes you send or how long they can be.
  • Completely customizable - right down to where it appears on your staff members’ computer screens. You are in complete control.
  • The questionnaire can be sent on a resizable template. It can be small so that it appears discretely or take up the entire screen, or somewhere in between – the choice is yours.
  • You can give employees the option to complete the poll or quiz immediately or to do it later.
  • Determine how often your employees will receive the questionnaire or any reminders to complete it
  • Assure your employees that their answers are confidential by allowing them to complete the survey anonymously

Get feedback on and measure a range of different metrics

Create instant multi-question surveys, quizzes and polls in seconds and you will get responses within minutes

The DeskAlerts tool is more than just a questionnaire maker. When you use DeskAlerts to manage your electronic surveys you can benefit in the following ways:

Quickly pulse-poll your organization

Quantify the extent of issues and difficulties facing your organization


Benefits of Deskalerts corporate survey software

DeskAlerts allows you to send pop-up surveys, quizzes or polls straight to your employees’ screens to quickly and easily get their feedback and see the results instantly. This is a great way to interview your staff – the delivery method helps to improve the completion rate.

As well as sending to computer desktops, the DeskAlerts tool enables you to push the questionnaire to mobile phones. You can also target the message to different groups, individual users or the entire company. The Active Directory integration lets you target specific departments, custom groups, single users or the entire organization meaning you can send custom survey products to each niche group.

The staff survey tool is affordable and easy to use, for creating an employee survey and is also fast to set up. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices, pushing surveys straight to your employees’ computers or mobile devices.


Survey, Quiz and Poll Software Features


A basic survey is a list of different questions that may have different types of answers, depending on your preference. Utilize the surveys as an express IT troubleshooting tool. If you're not sure about the source or an extent of an IT issues - ask your workforce whether they are experiencing service degradation or certain symptoms.


Creating a survey as a Quiz will enable you to score the answers, marking some of them as "correct" and "incorrect" ones. Check the knowledge of employees after giving them important information. Broadcast the quiz and find out how much it is learned.


Creating a survey as an open opinion poll will show its results to all participants, while the results of a standard survey are only available to a handful of people with access to reports. The poll will provide employee data that will serve as a basis for an answer or solution to the administrator’s problem.

Opt-In Lists

The Opt-In function gives the employees the option to ‘subscribe’ or choose the messages they want to receive. The administrators will then receive data that can be used to sort out user messaging lists.

Survey Statistics

You’ll be able to have real-time reporting as your employees respond. Survey status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates.

Scheduled Surveying

You can create and schedule your employee surveys to send at a specific time, and you can also target which employees you send them to.

Reach and pulse check your target audience across any network and on any device

Engage staff and gain their input with a survey application

A demo version of the tool is available on the DeskAlerts website so you can test it out before you buy – try a sample questionnaire on effective communication when you take part in this employee engagement survey trial.


Collect information from your employees

“We chose DeskAlerts as a way to deliver messages throughout our organization. We particularly like the SMS and email features, and regularly use the survey module to gather feedback.”
Australian Healthcare Company

Healthcare, Australia

The pop-up feature is very worthwhile

“The immediate response to DeskAlerts messages is a great selling point. Whether it’s a delayed start time to a meeting or just a reminder that it’s time to head out to a team lunch, the pop-up feature is a great way of communicating.”
InfoTech, Inc.

Computer Software, USA

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