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Employee survey tool

Get feedback from thousands of employees within minutes, analyze results and make improvements faster with DeskAlerts employee survey software.

• Deliver surveys directly to employees' screens (desktop and mobile)
• Set up automated remindersif they haven’t filled it in
• Segment your staff based on their responses

employee survey tool


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What are employee surveys and polls?

Employee surveys and polls are sent to staff members to get information and feedback. A survey is usually more in-depth at canvassing opinions, delivering a set of questions to a selected audience where a poll will generally ask for quick feedback on a topic. Poll results differ from surveys in that they can be seen by everyone who submits an answer to the questions. Both surveys and polls can be sent easily to employees’ desktops and mobile devices with DeskAlerts.

employee survey tools

Track employee engagement faster with pop up surveys

DeskAlerts allows you to send surveys or polls straight to your employees’ devices to quickly and easily get their feedback and see the results instantly.

The questionnaires are delivered via pop-up notifications directly to desktops and push notifications to mobile phones.

Unlike using email or web browser based surveys, DeskAlerts, immediately sends you feedback from the majority of your workforce. Additionally, employees are automatically reminded to finish the survey which improves completion rates up to 100%.

employee surveys software

Gauge the current state of staff engagement metrics in real time

Easy to use and convenient tool to gather the data you need.

  • Every survey type from pulse, anonymous surveys and covid check-ins to employee quizzes.
  • Different types of questions - single and multi select, linear scale, open ended - for all your requirements.
  • Active Directory integration for precise targeting and personalization, based on location, department, job function etc.
  • Audience segmentation based on employees’ responses and the option to create new target groups and deliver relevant information in the future, avoiding sending unnecessary information to all employees.
  • A feature to automatically publish recurring surveys on a given schedule (e.g. every other Friday).
employee survey software

Make data driven desicions to improve staff performance

Reliable tool to analyze the data, get insights and improve the situation.

Start getting data the same day you send the survey.

Estimate the shift in people responses over time to determine an improvement or decline of selected metrics with a rolling report feature (available for recurrent surveys).

Reports can not only show individual responses, but also calculate mean and median values.

employee survey communications

Measure A Range Of Different Metrics with the DeskAlerts survey tool

Easy to use and fast to set up staff survey tool that enables you to create surveys in seconds using pre defined templates and get responses in minutes. Respondents love it for its convenience!

Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Measure employee engagement and satisfaction, the results of your internal communication activity, explore employee experience.

Conduct anonymous surveys, pulse everyday surveys or polls.

IT communication

IT communication

IT communications

Use surveys as an express IT troubleshooting tool. If you're not sure about the source or the extent of an IT issue - ask your workforce whether they are experiencing service disruption or other errors.

Employee feedback

Employee feedback

Employee feedback

Conduct 360° feedback survey, business process feedback surveys, explore organizational culture and employees’ responses to changes.

Invite people to events and send the program details only to those who plan to come.

Resource management

Resource management

Resource management

Ask geographically separated locations (regional offices, retail stores etc) about any resources they may need.

Health screening

Health screening

Health screening

Conduct daily check in and workplace safety surveys. Ask staff who’ve had recent business trips COVID related questions.

Emergency communication

Emergency communication

Emergency communication

In an emergency, send instant surveys to find out who is in danger and who is not.

Employee survey tool features



Target employees by name, position,
location, department, based on their answers etc.



You can create and schedule your employee surveys to send at a specific time


Different types of questions

Single choice, multiple choice, linear scale, free answer etc.



Use you brand identity including logo,
colors and font.



You’ll be able to have real-time reporting as your employees respond. Analyze the common trends and culture shifts.

active directory

AD integration

Use your company’s Active Directory to send to different groups of employees.



Choose the size (up to the entire screen)
and placement on the screen.



Automatically publish recurring
surveys on a given schedule



Use surveys to segment
your audience based
on their responses

Engage staff and gain their input with a survey application

  • Save time spent on creating surveys and get feedback faster
  • Immediately respond to issues identified
  • Improve engagement and performance based on data

What our customers say about DeskAlerts

Australian Healthcare Company

Collect Information From Your Employees

“We chose DeskAlerts as a way to deliver messages throughout our organization. We particularly like the SMS and email features, and regularly use the survey module to gather feedback.”
Australian Healthcare Company
Healthcare, Australia

The Pop-Up Feature Is Very Worthwhile

“The immediate response to DeskAlerts messages is a great selling point. Whether it’s a delayed start time to a meeting or just a reminder that it’s time to head out to a team lunch, the pop-up feature is a great way of communicating.”
InfoTech, Inc.
Computer Software, USA

Satisfied with product and service

“DeskAlerts is being used in Communication Department. It helps to keep the whole workforce in the loop in security concerns. We are satisfied with the product and service.”
BP Gelsenkirchen GmbH
Germany, Oil and Gas



Test employees' knowledge and add gamification to internal communications

Corporate screensavers

Set the corporate backgrounds on employees' workstations. An excellent complementary communication channel for lockscreens.

Pop-up alerts

Highly visible pop-up messages right on the employees' computer screens.

Mobile app

Inform employees even when they are not at their  desk.

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