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Send Highly Visible Content With Lockscreen Software

Transform the computer screens in your organization into a new and powerful internal communications channel with locked screen alerts.

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The corporate lock screen appears on an employees’ computer screen before logging in to the system with their username and password. This space is highly visible – your employees have no choice but to look at it every day, both when they log in and when they have to log in again during the day after being idle. This makes it a great place to display important but not urgent information and complements your other internal communications efforts.

With DeskAlerts installed on your corporate devices, the administrator is able to quickly and easily change the lock screen images that appear on them. This means you can send eye-catching content to employees that they will be unable to miss. It will help you to improve your corporate culture and ensure everyone knows about important initiatives, policies, events, projects and more.

Note: The lock screen differs from another tool provided by DeskAlerts, the login screen alert, which is used to send text-based messages to PCs even when they are locked, enabling urgent or emergency information to be received.


Ways to use the lock screen tool include:

Company news

Share updates in a visually interesting way using high-quality imagery to illustrate KPI progress, achievements, and goals or raise awareness of projects.

Change communications

Increase awareness of any change initiatives underway in your organization, highlight and repeat any key messages and help staff adapt to the change.

Incident communications

When a critical incident occurs, lock screen software can be part of a ‘flood all channels’ approach in conjunction with other channels to improve visibility and awareness.

Event reminders

A good way to publicize upcoming events like training, product launches or social activities and to remind people they are happening. You can even use it to send invites to corporate events.

Behavioral change

Imagery can be used to remind and reinforce behavioral expectations within the organization such as health and safety, ethics, compliance, workplace etiquette and wellness.

Countdown clocks

Create buzz and excitement around corporate activities such as new product launches, marketing campaigns and major news by deploying a new locked screen alert each day counting down to the final date.





Advantages of lock screen software

There are multiple benefits to using a lock screen tool
as a communications channel:

  • Ensures that your messages are the first thing the employees will see at the beginning of the workday.  
  • Information is delivered in a way that doesn’t interrupt employees’ work activities.
  •       Information can be delivered repeatedly in a timely manner while it is still relevant.
  •       The information is conveyed in a visually engaging format, which is better for message recall and retention.
  •       Requires no effort on the recipient’s behalf for the information to be accessed.
  •       Be confident that the locked screen alerts will begin appearing once you have deployed them and an employee’s computer switches to lock screen mode.
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Lock screen software is a cost-effective way to help improve communications within your organization and to ensure your employees know about important corporate initiatives.  Get in touch with us today to see how you can use the lock screen tool in your company to get maximum benefits.


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