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Lock Screen Software For Corporations

Place corporate messages on every computer screen in your organization with lockscreen software.

• Powerful visual communication format
• Communicate with staff when they are not occupied
• Easy to use without IT department involvement

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What is a corporate lockscreen?

The corporate lock screen appears on an employee’s computer screen before they log into the system.

This space is highly visible – your employees have no choice but to look at it every day, both when they log in and when they have to re-enter their passwords during the day after being idle.

This makes it a great place to display important but not urgent information and complements your other internal communications efforts.

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Send Highly Visible Content With Lockscreen Software

The DeskAlerts lockscreen tool makes sure that your message is the first thing employees see when they start their work day. It guarantees 100% cut through!

The lockscreen is visible even when no one is logged into a workstation - making it useful for broadcast communications intended to be received by everyone in the workplace, not just particular users.

Note: The lockscreen differs from DeskAlerts's login screen alert, which is used to send text-based messages to PCs even when they are locked, enabling urgent or emergency information to be received on that screen.

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Publish, manage and target content with ease

This screen lock service is a more convenient alternative to Windows group policy lock screen management. An administrator can quickly and easily change the lock screen images that appear on employees' work stations without IT staff involvement.

Different images can be targeted to different groups of employees, based on their location, department etc.

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Ways to use PC lock screen messages for internal communications

This communication channel is most suited to non-urgent yet important messages that will benefit from being repeated several times a day

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Company News

Company News

Share updates in a visually interesting way using high-quality imagery to illustrate KPI progress, achievements, and goals or raise awareness of projects.

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Change Communications

Change Communications

Increase awareness of any change initiatives underway in your organization, highlight and repeat any key messages and help staff adapt to the change.

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Incident Communications

Incident Communications

When a critical incident occurs, lock screen software can be part of a ‘flood all channels’ approach in conjunction with other channels to improve visibility and awareness.

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Event Reminders

Event Reminders

A good way to publicize upcoming events like training, product launches or social activities and to remind people they are happening. You can even use it to send invites to corporate events.

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Behavioral Change

Behavioral Change

Imagery can be used to remind and reinforce behavioral expectations within the organization such as health and safety, ethics, compliance, workplace etiquette and wellness.

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Countdown Clocks

Countdown Clocks

Create buzz and excitement around corporate activities such as new product launches, marketing campaigns and major news by deploying a new computer locked screen alert each day counting down to the final date.

Lock screen tool features



Send content to an audience of your choosing – it could be the whole organization, a specific work team or just even one individual employee.



Set the date and time in advance for when you would like the lock screens for computers content to be sent or displayed.



The software will ensure that your corporate messages are always given priority over any default content.



Send imagery that is consistent with your branding guidelines for a seamless corporate look and feel.


Rich content

Create and send beautiful images to improve engagement

active directory

AD integration

Use your existing Active Directory to send information to employees and set audience types.

Benefits of the Lockscreen tool for internal communications

  • High visibility of important but non-urgent corporate messages

  • Does not take a toll on productivity

  • Better for message recall and retention

  • Requires no effort to access the information

  • People start engaging in company activities more

  • Keeps delivering messages even when employees are not in the office

What our customers say about DeskAlerts


Easy to use and cost effective tool

“It’s easy to use and the message delivery is quite fast. The scope of alert is easy to configure via Active Directory groups and organizational units. All working users have the right information at the right time via Broadcast feature. This is an easy to use and cost effective alerting tool.”
Hôpital du Valais
Healthcare, Switzerland

Easily send information to all mployees

“We chose DeskAlerts for us to send all HSE alerts and information to all our employees easily and even they are on leave or off site when they open their PC after coming back still it will show to them all information we send through DeskAlerts when they are away. Also it is easy to track those employees who have already seen, received or not received the alerts and information because of what the statistic graphs shows in DeskAlerts.”
Special Technical Services LLC
Oil&Energy, Oman

Satisfied with product and service

“DeskAlerts is being used in the Communication Department. It helps to keep the whole workforce in the loop about security concerns. We are satisfied with the product and service.”
BP Gelsenkirchen GmbH
Germany, Oil and Gas


Corporate screensavers

Change the default screensaver to the corporate one. Use it to reinforce the same message you send across lockscreen.

Corporate wallpapers

Set the corporate backgrounds on employees' workstations. An excellent complementary communication channel for computer lockscreens.

Pop-up alerts

Highly visible pop-up messages right on the employees' computer screens.

Mobile app

Inform employees even when they are not at their  desk.

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