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Corporate Screensaver Software

Easily manage screensavers on employees' computers across the organization to deliver corporate message.

  • Delivers messages when an employee is not busy with work tasks
  • Use powerful formats - image, video, HTML, Power Point
  • Easy to use - even for non-IT experts
corporate screensaver software

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What is a corporate screensaver?

A corporate screen saver is a prominent internal communications tool that delivers eye-catching content and targeted imagery to employees’ computer screens. Idle screens are effectively turned into electronic billboards that ensure employees are aware of key corporate messages as part of creative internal marketing campaigns.

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Use corporate screensaver to deliver more powerful and memorable messages

Corporate screensavers are a perfect solution when you need to deliver corporate messages to employees without unnecessarily disrupting them.

Screensavers appear when screens are idle – which is why they are so powerful. When staff return from breaks or meetings, jump on a phone call or anything else that takes them away from their desktops for a while, a visually engaging corporate message will appear on screen that captures their attention.

Repeatedly occurring in the form of image, video, animation, HTML or Power Point slides, this information will be seen and recalled by the employees you send it to, with no effort on their part.

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Take full control over computer screen savers, change and rotate them with ease

Create, customize, schedule, and rotate business screensavers from one location with DeskAlerts software without the need to involve IT staff.

Staff from different departments can be given access so they can launch screensavers based on the information they need to send to employees.

Target screensavers to be displayed on all employees’ screens or send them to specific groups or even one person. Launch several messages at once or schedule them to appear at a certain date and time.

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How Corporate Screensaver Software Improves Corporate Communication

Reinforce your brand and your key messages with the corporate screensaver tool and increase employees’ message recall.

HR communications card

HR communications

HR communications

  • Send reminders about key dates such as deadlines for projects, payroll cutoffs, pay dates, holidays and so on.
  • Share Information about education and training opportunities.
  • Keep remote employees informed.

Employee engagement card

Employee engagement

Employee engagement

  • Reinforce key messages that reflect any internal or external communication campaigns you currently have underway.
  • Share CEO messages with all employees.
  • Welcome new employees and acknowledge staff achievements.
  • Share photographs of staff, your business properties, your products, logos, or any other images that reflect your brand and tells the story of your company.

IT communications card

IT communications

IT communications

  • Raise cybersecurity awareness with rules, tips and reminders
  • Inform employees about planned outages
  • Rolling out new systems is made easier with regular reminders
  • Share important phone numbers such as for the IT help desk.

Compliance and emergency card-min

Compliance and emergency

Compliance and emergency

  • Share information about emergency procedures including maps, evacuation routes, assembly points and so on.
  • Deliver workplace health and safety information, such as tips on being safe in the workplace, reducing hazards, reminders to move/stretch/exercise, how to report hazards etc.
  • Send reminders like healthcare enrolment dates, targeted by location, role etc.


Corporate sreensaver management software features


Rich Content

Send messages in a variety of multimedia formats from presentation slides to HTML and video.



Your can target specific departments, groups, and single users and even combinations of each to receive the corporate screensaver.



Schedule the delivery time and set the time period when the screensaver will appear specifically to match targeted events within your internal communication strategies.




The corporate screensaver software will always take over automatically as the default one even if the user attempts to change it.


PowerPoint Support

Use PowerPoint presentations as screensavers to guide employees on important matters such as business plans, marketing strategies, rules and regulations, and so on.



Repeat one message several times for better remembering.

Benefits of screen saver programs for internal communications

  • Attract employee's attention to important things and make them memorable
  • Inspire, inform and alert employees in a way they appreciate
  • Reach only targeted employees including remote onces
  • Reduce corporate spam and information overload
  • Promote your company brand from the inside

What our customers say about DeskAlerts


We use it to ensure that urgent messages are communicated quickly and clearly

“We have been using Desk Alerts for 5 years now and find the product excellent at communicating important information to our entire Trust quickly. It is so easy to use and maintain so provides a cost effective solution for “real time” messaging. Originally, used just by the IT team, the product is now in daily use by the Trust’s Communications team to ensure that urgent messages are communicated quickly and clearly to a large number of staff, thus helping to support the delivery of patient care to the highest standard.”
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS
Foundation Trust, UK, healthcare
ST George

A vital component of our customer communication strategy

“DeskAlerts is vital component of our customer communication strategy. Central IT department of the university uses DeskAlerts. It preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping our customers informed and is quick and easy to setup, use and deploy. DeskAlerts makes it easy to tailor notifications to our requirements and represents a great value for money. I highly recommend DeskAlerts to anyone looking for a way to improve their communication strategy and customers experience.”
St George'S University of London
UK, education

Satisfied with product and service

“DeskAlerts is being used in the Communication Department. It helps to keep the whole workforce in the loop in security concerns. We are satisfied with the product and service.”
BP Gelsenkirchen GmbH
Germany, Oil and Gas


Pop-up alerts

Highly visible pop-up messages right on the employees' computer screens.

Video alerts

Engaging video messages sent directly to  computer screens.

Corporate wallpapers

Set the corporate background of employees' employees PC's and easily change it.

Mobile app

Inform employees even when they are not at their  desk.

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