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Work Screensaver – Effective Channel Of Communication in 2024


Employees are often too busy attending to their daily tasks that it can be very difficult to effectively capture their attention during office hours.

Table of contents

How can work screensavers help with internal communication?

How DeskAlerts software helps to engage staff with corporate screensavers?

Benefits to an organization from the use of work screensavers as a communications tool or channel

Screensaver message ideas for your workplace

How screensavers can help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Traditional business communication tools such as e-newsletters can end up buried and unopened in many workers’ inboxes. But more and more companies are realizing the value of using corporate screensavers as an internal communication tool.

As the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” goes, work screensavers for employees can get any message across to the target recipient in just seconds. Furthermore, ghost images may be customized to target specific groups of staff or workers.

The timing and delivery of the screensaver may also be adjusted, ensuring that workers will be able to receive the message.

How can work screensavers help with internal communication?

One of the tenets of effective internal communication is to use a variety of communications channels to maximize the reach and recall of the information that is sent to employees.

Screensavers are one of the must-have modern digital tools for internal communications. By using screensavers as one of your internal communications channels, you’re taking advantage of the screens that your employees look at every day where you can deliver colorful and eye-catching imagery that reflects your communications campaigns and key messages.

With screensaver messaging as part of your internal communication strategy, you can be sure that every employee who has computer access is going to be exposed to the information you need them to see.

How DeskAlerts software helps to engage staff with corporate screensavers?

Set images with text

Corporate communicators, particularly those from the HR and PR departments, know how difficult it is to get the attention of their colleagues who are often swamped with tons of paper work.

A typical office worker may be too busy to open an email, so won’t read its content. But a special custom screensaver that includes images with text should be able to deliver whatever message management or corporate communications department wants to convey.

That could be an announcement about an upcoming town hall meeting or a news flash regarding a new product that the company will soon launch. Images are used to capture the interest of office workers who are notorious for their short attention span. As such, corporate communicators usually make use of attractive, high-resolution photos to deliver rich content. Images can come in various formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG image files. Videos can also be incorporated in corporate screensavers.

company screensaver

Schedule delivery

The last thing that the communication or HR departments want is to get under the skins of their colleagues who are busy with their respective assignments. Internal communications announcements and news can be delivered through screen savers when staff members are experiencing downtime, or another time when they are likely to be more receptive.

A screensaver announcing a company event like a product launch, for example, can be scheduled an hour or two before the activity. Inspirational messages may be delivered in the morning, while housekeeping reminders may be flashed on the computers of employees an hour or so before the end of the working day. Some desktops also have a snooze function, which can hide confidential screensaver messages from people outside of the organization.

Targeted messages

Corporate screensavers can also be customized to target a specific group of employees. For instance a custom screensaver message about business goals and sales targets may be conveyed to the marketing department. Invitations to seminars and training may also be flashed only in the computers of qualified employees.

Easy to manage

Corporate communicators don’t need to be computer experts to manage corporate screensavers as a notification tool. They can easily design or change the messages, incorporate images or videos, include intranet and web links, sequence the screensavers, and modify the schedule of delivery through a user-friendly and intuitive program.

Benefits to an organization from the use of work screensavers as a communications tool or channel

corporate screensaver examples-1

Corporate screensavers can be useful for different departments within your organization when they need to communicate with the whole company:

1. The communications department

Screensavers can make the communications department’s a lot easier as they can reach out to their colleagues in a more effective manner. Through screensavers, corporate communicators can promote forthcoming product launches, upcoming events, and new business initiatives.

2. The human resources department

The HR department can also promote the company’s values. A simple reminder about internal brand values like teamwork and diversity can be the content of a screensaver, for instance. HR can also offer training opportunities for staff and solicit feedback from employees via survey.

3. The property and services department

The property and services department meanwhile can benefit from screensavers by asking the internal communications unit to remind the employees about housekeeping rules. Screensavers can also brighten up the office, as they look like billboards around the office. This is particularly helpful in sprucing up open-plan offices.

4. The strategic planning department

The strategic planning department can also generate inputs and feedback from employees regarding various corporate matters through screensavers, which can be used to promote discussion forums, staff polls or surveys. These inputs can be then processed to guide the department in the crafting of new company policies.

Screensaver message ideas for your workplace

If you want to use work screensaver communication but don’t know where to start, here are some screensaver text ideas:

  • Give daily tips on password security
  • Use screensavers to count down to important events, like new product launches
  • Promote your latest products and services
  • Provide workplace health and safety tips
  • Promote your employee benefits programs
  • Recognize outstanding staff contributions
  • Remind people about important deadlines
  • Let people know about training and development opportunities
  • Remind people about evacuation procedures in an emergency
  • Promote upcoming corporate events
  • Send inspirational or motivational messages
  • Send information about cybersecurity threats.

How screensavers can help during the COVID-19 pandemic

With more workers than ever before working remotely from their homes, finding ways to keep in touch and ensure they are up-to-date with important corporate information is more critical than ever. With individuals working in isolation, you can’t always be sure that they are receiving all of your corporate communications.

With DeskAlerts corporate screensavers you can be sure that any company laptop or desktop computer can be used to display important information, no matter whether your employees are at home or in the office.

There are lots of different messages organizations will want and need to communicate with their employees throughout this time. This includes:

  • Health and safety tips
  • Information about the use of PPE and masks
  • Reminders about working from home policies
  • Messages about any current outbreaks in the workplace
  • Motivational messages
  • Other company announcements.

Free COVID-19 related screensavers


We’ve prepared 6 corporate screensaver examples with important COVID-19 information you can use and deploy straight away to your employees’ computers. There’s also another screensaver template where you can add your own custom messaging.

Grab 6 Free Screensavers

To learn more about how corporate screensavers can improve internal communication within your organization, contact DeskAlerts today to organize a free demo.

Frequently asked questions

How does screensaver management software work?

Screensaver management software enables a person with the right set of permissions to send the same screensaver to multiple computers at the same time. This helps to ensure that business screensavers are uniform across the organization. DeskAlerts screensaver management software will also let you send different work screensavers to different groups of people, for example if you need to send something in a different language to staff in different countries.

Are screensavers an efficient communication tool?

Screensavers are a good way to reinforce communications and remind people about important information, upcoming events, cybersecurity, training opportunities, new products and services and more.

What is the benefit of using a screensaver?

Employees spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens every day. Using screensavers for communication is a good way to capitalize on this. Whenever their screens become idle because they’re on the phone or have been away from their desk, they will see the messages on the screensaver and absorb the information that you are sending their way.

What an example of a screensaver?

A screensaver is an image that appears on computer screens that have been idle. It can take the form of pictures or words or a mix of both.

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