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How To Deliver Motivational Messages To Employees

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Every company wants to see its employees turn up to work and do their best every day, ready to take the organization to new heights.  Unfortunately, the reality is that many workers are not inspired in their roles. In fact, many of them just show up for the paycheck and count down the hours until they can go home again.

A research report by UK company Motivates Inc. found that 29% of people said they were not motivated at work. 

This is symptomatic of the broader picture of employee engagement: employees who are disengaged are often bored, don’t like their jobs, are less productive, have higher levels of absenteeism and presenteeism, and may leave the organization entirely.

While it might seem like a good thing to have unmotivated employees leave the company, you have to remember the costs associated with recruitment. You might also need to scratch below the surface a little more: what if this is a very talented individual you could lose to another company because they are not feeling motivated by management and the company culture within your organization?


Motivational messages for employees from managers can inspire

When your employees are motivated they are more likely to be committed to their role and produce a higher level of quality in their work. They are also more likely to want to achieve goals and be more productive.

Company culture plays a significant role in inspiring and motivating employees and in turn ensuring they are engaged and personally invested in the success of the company.

If you need to boost levels of motivation in your company, you can start by taking small steps. Send motivational messages for employees from HR, comms, or leadership within the organization such as the CEO to inspire employees to do their best.

Think of using quotes in your inspirational message for employees. Here are some benefits of such quotes:

  • Many people find motivational sayings to be a powerful incentive to keep going, achieving and trying their best.  Inspirational messages for employees can include words from inspirational figures such as leaders in politics, business, sports and the arts – or just from leaders within the company they work for.they can provide your employees with a different perspective, 
  • they can offer them insights into teachings and thoughts of wise people, 
  • quotes can inspire a range of positive actions, help to overcome obstacles and challenges, 
  • and finally, they can help to remember the values and goals of the company and how they can apply this to the everyday work.

Tips for writing motivational messages for employees

Motivational messages for employees should be inspirational, relevant and resonate with them on some level so that they will want to achieve, overcome setbacks and put in their best effort possible at work.

Short, pithy quotes that are memorable are ideal. They should be one or two short sentences, maximum, and not be long and rambling and take the form of prose or an anecdote.


Metaphors and proverbs work very well – these can help to spark your employees’ imaginations. You should avoid anything that sounds too “preachy” or religious as this can be polarizing and upset sections of your workforce and not actually work as a motivational message for staff.

When you find a great quote or come up with an idea yourself that you’d like to include in your motivational messages for employees, read it out to yourself a few times slowly.  If it really resonates, keep it to use either now or at a point in the future when it might come in useful for a particular situation.

Be certain you have the right context to use a quote when you send it as a motivational message to employees. How you interpret the quote’s meaning may not be how it was intended by the original author.


There are many books of inspirational and motivational quotations available on the market. But to make it easy for you to start, we’ve created a free list you can download, featuring some you can attribute to a leader in your company and others from famous people that can help to inspire your people.

Get 39 Motivational Messages


The best ways to deliver motivational messages for employees


There are many different ways you can deliver your inspirational messages for employees, and you should seek out different opportunities to do so whenever you can.  

Some options include:

  • Motivational messages for employees from managers at the beginning of team meetings to set the tone and get team members inspired to contribute.
  • Have a regular section in your internal newsletter where you include a motivational message for employees.
  • Publish motivational messages for employees on your intranet site or internal social media platforms.
  • Send a motivational message from the CEO to employees via a corporate screensaver or wallpaper to their computer screens.
  • Print motivational quotes and put them on notice boards in common areas.
  • Send inspirational messages for workers as part of your reward and recognition programs.
  • Include motivational messages for employees in speeches and presentations given by the CEO and other senior leaders.
  • Have motivational messages for employees appear on custom screensavers, wallpapers or digital signage displays.
  • You can put motivational sayings in video content, podcasts or any other audio visual presentations you deliver to employees.
  • Include motivational sayings in your company email signatures.

Choose the channels that work for  your organization, some you may already have in use, others you may wish to consider adopting if you aren’t already using.  


By using different channels to send motivational messages for employees, you’ll be able to integrate this into your company culture and show your appreciation for your employees and engage and motivate them.


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