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DeskAlerts Professional Services

Professional services help you to maximize the value of and optimize the performance of the DeskAlerts solution in your environment by closely working with the project development team.

These services are available either at an hourly rate or in 30-hour blocks. The professional services provided include, but are not limited to:


Consulting & Analyses

Let us know what your goals are and our team of professionals will design a set of features that form a holistic user experience, enabling your employees to reach them in the most clear and straightforward way possible.

You don’t need to have detailed project specifications – these will be gathered and incorporated in the project plan by our own software and UX architects.


Custom Development

Power up off-the-shelf DeskAlerts solution with custom features, which are designed keeping your infrastructure, branding, implementation needs and business cases in mind.

Let us know what you want to achieve using DeskAlerts solution and our project team will create a feature design, establish the requirements, develop the needed functionality and guide you through the implementation. Satisfy the unique needs of your business using the personally tailored solution - from alert automations to custom content targeting mechanisms - no task is too complex.


Training & Learning Services

Deliver faster and better by growing your team’s skills and knowledge. Businesses may choose to train their own authoring and development teams to install, configure and customize DeskAlerts solutions.


Data Control & Infrastructure Configuration

Save your IT team time by handing the migration procedures to our technical team, making the process seamless and reducing the risks of downtime.


Integration With 3rd Part Systems

While DeskAlerts is a powerful communications tool on its own, it works best when built into your environment via integrations with other systems currently in use.


Digital Content Management

Strengthen your brand by applying custom designs to every piece of the software – from a message creator dashboard to a variety of end-user client applications.



Each organization has its own level of security measures taken to operate any software company-wide. While many organizations can utilize DeskAlerts out of the box, organizations with heightened security concerns may require additional audit logging or hacking countermeasures applied to the solution to meet their safety guidelines.

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