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Importance of effective internal communications

Keeping employees informed in the healthcare sector is critical. Not only do they need to keep pace with emergencies and incidents,  disease outbreaks, health risks, and developments in healthcare, they also need to keep up-to-date with various state and federal regulations that apply to healthcare, new initiativs, and policy and procedural changes.

DeskAlerts for Healthcare

Challenges Faced In The Healthcare

The diverse nature of the healthcare workforce and the unique structures of healthcare organizations mean strategies for communicating with employees that work elsewhere might not always work in this sector. 

When you have staff who work in a range of different roles, at different hours of the day and night, and sometimes spread out in a number of locations, keeping everyone in the loop can seep complex. Especially given the chaotic nature of healthcare and all the distractions employees have.

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Send urgent messages to your healthcare workforce even if their computer is on screensaver mode, locked or sleeping.

Color coding

Color code your emergency messages so they can be identified by their seriousness.


The network can be sent reminders about important notices or upcoming events.

Schedule in Advance

Schedule DeskAlerts in advance to be issued at certain dates and times.

Notification templates

Create emergency notification templates to save time and use them again in the future.


Target messages to all staff, or just groups of staff, depending on the situation.

Communication Tools 

What Our Clients Say

CSSS de la Pointe-de-l'Île

The most valuable features of DeskAlerts highlighted by CSSS are: integration with Active Directory, ability to limit message lifetime, message templates, delivery statistics, ease of translation to any language.

Hôpital du Valais

It’s easy to use and the message delivery is quite fast. The scope of alert is easy to configure via Active Directory groups and organisational units. All working users have the right information at the right time. This is an easy to use and cost effective alerting tool.
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Engage your healthcare workforce with DeskAlerts

A poll by Gallup found 70% of employees in the USA are not engaged at work – a figure that can have serious implications for your organization.


DeskAlerts Helps

DeskAlerts can send important information to every desktop in your organization and is successfully used by many hospitals around the world to keep their employees informed. Messages can be color coded for the kinds of emergency situations hospitals have. Other information can be scheduled to be sent at different times of the day to capture every shift.


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