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Hospital Communication System

Streamline communications in healthcare organizations, including medical offices, to enable your staff to focus on patients, while keeping them informed, engaged, and safe.


Keep staff informed, connected and safe

Communication is critical in the healthcare sector, but can be complex. People work different shifts, across different teams and even campuses, and many of them aren’t at a desk to receive email notifications. It’s also important not to distract them while they’re performing life-saving tasks, but at the same time it’s important to ensure they’re engaged and informed using healthcare communication systems.

Healthcare notification system

Quickly notify all hospital staff, specific groups of staff and even patients

Overcome the limitations of overhead paging systems, organizational phone directories and personal meetings. With the DeskAlerts hospital notification system, messages are instantly delivered to your intended recipients, ensuring staff are aware of important information so they can save lives in emergencies without causing panic.

Notifications for healthcare organizations can be sent to desktops, mobile devices, and digital signage screens ensuring people receive important information (including patients if needed).

medical notification

Better communication results in better patient care

Good medical office communication system that avoids unnecessary staff distractions means better employee performance and a more cohesive team. It also helps with efficiency, saving time and money, and allowing staff to spend more time caring for patients, increase patient satisfaction and drive better results for your healthcare organization.

hospitals notification system

How DeskAlerts Helps Hospitals Overcome Communication Challenges

The healthcare electronic communication system sends employees important messages through a range of channels even if they are not in front of their computers and won't be distracted from their work by unnecessary information.


healthcare electronic notification system

Emergency hospital communications

Emergency hospital communications

  • Send alerts about emergencies in a matter of seconds using shortcuts and alert templates
  • Send information to targeted groups of employees to prevent panic
  • Send alerts simultaneously via different channels (desktops, mobile, SMS, email, digital signage)
  • Communicate using color code alerts
  • Make staff aware of emergency procedures and protocols with pop-up alerts and test their knowledge with quizzes

notification system for hospitals

IT communications

IT communications

  • Use pop-up notifications to inform office and medical staff about ongoing planned maintenance or unplanned service disruption to systems, to prevent patient data loss
  • Alert employees immediately when there is a cyber security incident
  • Educate staff about cybersecurity with quizzes and corporate screensavers

healthcare notification system

HR communications

HR communications

  • Inform all staff about mandatory meetings, new policies, and rules, and receive reading acknowledgments.
  • Use the survey tool to conduct fast surveys, bypassing emails.
  • Remind staff about certification compliance.
  • Increase the effectiveness of training by using quizzes and engaging video alerts.

emergency hospital notifications

Reach and engage staff

Reach and engage staff

  • Keep both remote workers and staff working on wards informed with mobile healthcare organization notifications and alerts to mobile workstations.
  • Make sure everybody knows about important events so they don’t miss out.
  • Increase engagement with video messages from management and by sending appealing images with corporate messages.
  • Bypass email limitations by using several channels like pop-ups, digital signage and sms alerts at the same time.

notification for healthcare organizations

Ensuring staff well being

Ensuring staff well being

  • Keep your employees’ physical and mental well-being in check by delivering useful reminders and checklists through channels like lock screens and screensavers
  • Regularly gather feedback from employees through short pop-up surveys
  • Deliver personal hygiene instructions (e.g. how to wash hands properly, what sort of protective equipment is required for certain positions or tasks), with video alerts and digital signage

healthcare organization notifications

Resource management

Resource management

  • Notify staff about a lack or excess of certain medical equipment, or give instructions for it to be moved elsewhere via pop-ups and scrolling ticker messages
  • Inform people handling vaccines about the arrival of new shipments or about batches that should be removed from shelves
  • Use surveys to get feedback about resourcing issues.

Try DeskAlerts to see if it fits your healthcare organization’s communications needs

DeskAlerts is used in hundreds of healthcare facilities worldwide to improve hospital communication system across different departments and to ensure people pay attention to important information.


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DeskAlerts healthcare notification tools



Send messages directly to staff desktops and laptops in a highly visible manner. Notifications can be more or less obstructive.



Reach staff with important information wherever they are at that point in time (so long as they have mobile access).

Digital signage

Digital signage

Turn digital screens in your healthcare facility into billboards with useful information for staff and patients.

Discover all healthcare notification system features



Send urgent notifications to your healthcare workforce in one click and to any device, including PCs, even if they are on screensaver mode or standby.


Color Coding

Send hospital code alerts that align with your hospital’s color code system to determine the type and seriousness of the event.



Send reminders to your team about upcoming events or other important information.


Schedule In Advance

Set the time and date so that your DeskAlerts notifications will show on employees’ screens at a later time.


Notification Templates

Create emergency notification templates to save time and use them again in the future.



Target messages to all staff, or just groups of staff, depending on the situation.

DeskAlerts can be set up to automatically deliver communications based on the EMR or EPD systems output, as well as API calls from monitoring and support incident management tools.

Syncronizing DeskAlerts with inner systems (HIS, EMR, CRM, SharePoint, etc) results in effective collaboration of immediate notifications with business processes.

Rich audio and video content allows you to deliver various communication campaigns.

Messages with acknowledgments provides accountability – you can see if anyone saw the information but did not take the action that was requested.

Using DeskAlerts color code alerts in the healthcare sector

  • The code system was adopted by hospitals to easily convey information to staff using public address systems while at the same time preventing panic among patients and visitors to the hospital.
  • DeskAlerts can be integrated with existing IT systems easily, as well as with other emergency systems such as sirens, and can be used to connect with just about any device.
  • Hospitals can also use it to complement their existing color code emergency notification systems (medical notifications with a color code).
  • Hospitals face a range of different scenarios on a day-to-day basis, and DeskAlerts responded to this by introducing the ability to select custom color codes with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Clients who are using DeskAlerts in this way have provided positive feedback about how the introduction of color codes to DeskAlerts improved their organizations’ efficiencies in sending emergency communications.
hospital code alerts

DeskAlerts improves communication between the IT department and doctors, nurses, clinical and administrative staff

  • The IT department can keep doctors, nurses, and clinical staff updated on any technical problems, changes in hours or services, technology upgrades, internet security policies, compliance education, virus announcements, training opportunities, and help or support channels.

  • IT departments can gather feedback from hospitals and clinics through surveys to better understand the needs of other departments.

    Migration to new services will become much easier if IT department uses DeskAlerts tools to explain, train, check knowledge, and motivate users.

  • Migration to new services will become much easier if IT department use DeskAlerts tools to explain, train, check knowledge and motivate users.
medical notification

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"DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emergency during terror attack, in the event of usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible."

CHU Saint pierre

Healthcare, Belgium



“We have been using Desk Alerts for 5 years now and find the product excellent at communicating important information to our entire Trust quickly. It is so easy to use and maintain so provides a cost effective solution for “real time” messaging. Originally, used just by the IT team, the product is now in daily use by the Trust’s Communications team to ensure that urgent messages are communicated quickly and clearly to a large number of staff, thus helping to support the delivery of patient care to the highest standard.”
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals
Lee Loades, NHS representative
“We were looking for the easiest way to quickly update our Radiologist at multiple hospitals without email. This fit the bill. We have installed DeskAlerts on our Radiologist Diagnostic Workstations and use it to alert them to current system problems and also alert them when the problems are resolved.”
Health service
“Any communication to a large group of users must be well prepared. A tool like DeskAlerts will ease the publication and will give you the flexibility to interact with the message to communicate and send just before is it delivered to the consumer.”
Hopital Fribourgeois
Philippe Kilchoer

Benefits of DeskAlerts as an emergency notification system

Staff are noticeably better
informed and engaged

Improved communication
between departments

Allows to keep people


Better patient health

Helps to save lives during

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