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Image_05.jpg Why Communicating IT Outages Is Important

Why communicating IT outages is important

Your IT systems are integral to so many parts of your business. But when they go down – whether it’s planned or not – if you don’t communicate with your staff, your help desk will spend a lot of time fielding questions. And quite often it will be the same question, over and over again.

Getting on the front foot is important – either by informing staff beforehand if your outage is scheduled, or keeping them in the loop when an unforeseen outage takes place.


The problems with communicating IT outages

You can’t always give employees notice of an outage. But putting a simple communications strategy in place will help you build trust with them while also allowing you to get on with the job of restoring the systems without being interrupted and fielding questions.

If you are able to give employees ample notice of scheduled outages, they can prioritize their workloads and reschedule tasks to reduce the impact of the outage on their work as much as possible.

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DeskAlerts software was integrated with the KRKA intranet and the usage of its alerts has helped to decrease a number of calls to the tech support department.

St George's, University of London

University uses DeskAlerts to give customers updates regarding IT services. DeskAlerts preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping all customers informed.
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DeskAlerts Helps

DeskAlerts will keep your employees in the loop during a system outage by sending a pop-up message to their desktop. Let staff know swiftly that there are system problems and estimated timeframe for restoration. For scheduled outages, send messages reminding employees the system is about to go offline before it happens.

IT Outage



Send urgent messages to your employees even if their computer is on screensaver mode, locked or sleeping.


The network can be sent reminders about important notices or upcoming events.


If you have an outage local to a particular site, target only those who will be affected.

Schedule in Advance

Schedule DeskAlerts in advance to be issued before your scheduled outage.


DeskAlerts will let you know if your recipients have read the messages.

Notification template

Create an IT outage notification template to save time and use them again in the future.

Communication Tools 
Reduce the cost of downtime with DeskAlerts

Research from CA Technologies has found IT downtime costs businesses more than 127 million person-hours per year – or an average of 545 person-hours per company in employee productivity.