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When there is an outage affecting some parts of your systems that staff rely on, for example a particular application, you can continue to send them alerts keeping them updated on the estimated time of restoration. Take the pressure off your IT department and help desk staff during an outage, allowing them to focus on fixing the problem instead of answering phone call after phone call from employees reporting the same problem and asking the same question about expected restoration time. You can target specific users with specific messages if you need to. For example, you could continue to send DeskAlerts to your call centre staff if you have an outage that is affecting your customers, keeping them informed as the situation progresses.

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DeskAlerts software was integrated with the KRKA intranet and the usage of its alerts has helped to decrease a number of calls to the tech support department.

St George's, University of London

University uses DeskAlerts to give customers updates regarding IT services. DeskAlerts preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping all customers informed.
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The Importance Of Communicating IT Outages

Free up your help desk staff by using DeskAlerts to communicate quickly and easily when you have an outage – whether it is scheduled or unforeseen.

Create an unplanned outage notification template to save time – all you have to do is populate it with details each time you need it.

When you know that there’s going to be a scheduled downtime, sending a planned downtime notification to employees in advance will give them time to prepare so they can make arrangements to work elsewhere, or do work that doesn’t require them to use their computers.

Depending on the size of your organization, you might be able to let people know by phone (or face-to-face!) about a planned notification. SMS alerts can be good for staff who may not always work from the office, for example, salespeople who are on the road, so they know that the company is experiencing system issues.


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Notification System Features


Send your employees notifications about any emergencies or critical situations


Remind your employees about any important dates or events they need to know about


If you have an outage local to a particular site, target only those who will be affected.

Schedule in Advance

Set your content to send at a later point in time.


DeskAlerts will let you know if your recipients have read the messages.

Notification template

Save time by creating custom templates that you can use in the future when you need them.

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Reduce The Cost Of Downtime

Research from CA Technologies has found IT downtime costs businesses more than 127 million person-hours per year.

Schedule Updates, Send Notifications, Prepare your Staff with DeskAlerts Software.

DeskAlerts lets you send pop-up notifications to your employees’ desktop screens in 1-2 seconds at the touch of a button. This way you can communicate what the problem is and estimated timeframe for restoration. If you have a scheduled outage planned, you can use DeskAlerts to let people know about it in advance.

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