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Make Outage Notification Template with DeskAlerts Software

IT administrators need to take their systems off-line for maintenance and upgrades from time-to-time. And then there are other times where outages happen because of software or hardware issues, and the IT department must investigate the cause of the outage and restore the systems as soon as possible.

 Notify about system downtime

Whatever the reason is for your systems going offline, the inability to use certain software programs or network functions has an impact on the employees in your company. They may not be able to get on with their normal work. They may end up under increased pressure with projects that have inflexible deadlines.

When you know that an outage is going to happen because of planned maintenance, you should give your employees notice at least a few days beforehand so that they can be prepared for the time the systems will be unavailable.

Some maintenance will barely affect users, but other times it may have a large impact on them. When this is the case you should let them know as far in advance as possible, and follow up with more reminders that the maintenance is going to take place.

New call-to-action

When you have an unexpected issue, you should communicate with all employee as soon as possible to let them know an issue has been identified and what the estimated time of resolution will be.

If it is taking longer to fix than you anticipated, you need to let people know of revised timelines so they can plan appropriately.

You should also let employees know when the systems are back on line so they know that they can get back to doing the important tasks they need to do.

Many companies around the world have turned to DeskAlerts to communicate system outages with their employees.

DeskAlerts is a powerful internal communications software solution that can be used to deliver pop-up notifications to employee desktops, bypassing the email system, in a way that is extremely visible. The messages appear no matter what software applications the employees are using at the time. This high visibility ensures your messages cut through the digital clutter of the modern workplace.

You can create custom templates in advance and save time in an incident by only needing to populate relevant information.

DeskAlerts notifications can be sent to your entire workforce, or just to niche audiences. For example if there is an outage affecting staff in one city only, you only need notify those employees.

When you are preparing an outage notification, this is what you need to include:

  • What the issue is.
  • Why it is happening.
  • If there will be new features introduced as a result of upgrades, explain them.
  • When is it happening.
  • Who is affected.
  • What aspects of your system are not affected.
  • What actions employees need to take.
  • When the system is likely to be restored.
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