How to Well Prepare for an IT Outage

Katherine - Sep 21, 2017 7:32:58 AM

Living in a world that everything seems to move super fast, IT outages is one of the major predicaments that many organizations if not all have to deal with. This is by wondering whether an IT system is good enough, up to date and prediction of the impacts of outage or rather downtime.

IT outage

Causes of an IT outage

All outages, planned and unplanned may be caused by different things, including; hardware and server breakdowns, power outages, software failures, human errors, environmental issues, just to mention but a few.

Since these outages are mostly unpredictable, companies are advised to always have a contingency plan to either prevent the outage or at least reduce the impact of the system outage.

Ways to reduce damage due to an IT outage

Having a strong backup system is an almost sure way to ensure that at least business continues after an outage, both for a planned and unplanned outage. This can for instance be where you have two disks backing up each other for the same system or machine, such that when one disk fails, the other automatically picks up. Depending on the system configurations, you will receive a system outage notification or message informing you of the failure of one of the disks, but the damage is already taken care of. Hence, you can repair the other slowly without haste and reinstall all the relevant software.

To cover all the loopholes of losing business through IT outages, you can back up your system externally via cloud hosting, such that your company is safe and has several backup systems. Cloud hosting backup comes to play fully for multinationals, such that a local outage in one office does not prevent access to the system from the head office.

Mirroring is another way to reduce the impact of an IT outage. Here, you have a machine or system that is a complete replica of the existing one. When the working system fails, the other falls to play and no installations are required whatsoever.

Getting the information in time allows quick response to the outage and this makes the whole difference. A working monitoring system, showing the status of the whole IT system allows you to get system outage notifications either through email or a pop- up message. It is important also to have an IT outage notification template, to guide on how to respond to the different aspects of IT outages.  A company is safer with more people understanding how to deal with these IT outages.

Five steps to prepare for an IT outage

  • Have a generous budget allocation of dealing with IT outages
  • Have a working IT monitoring system
  • Have a strong backup system on stand by
  • Have a comprehensive damage assessment system
  • Have a responsive system recovery plan

Let the experience of other companies in matters IT outages be your best teacher. Learn and take appropriate measures, as we never know where an IT outage will hit next.

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