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Corporate Screensavers

Screensavers are so 90s, or so you thought. Presently, there is a growing number of companies that use corporate screensavers on their desktops for better communication. Corporate screensavers? Do you really need them for your business?

Branding vs. Marketing

As a business owner, you want your products and services to stand out. Having an effective branding strategy puts you out there, giving you a competitive edge over the other players in the market. Many people think that a branding strategy is similar to marketing strategy; they couldn’t be more wrong.

Marketing is all about pushing: badgering your customers with messages like, “I’m a great new product; buy me!” or “Celebrity so-and-so delights in the service we provide, so come and enjoy our services too!” On the other hand, branding is focused on pulling customers in by way of communicating what your company and your brand are about. Branding is making people understand who and what you are as a company and what your values are. Through branding, you create your identity. Your brand is what remains after all your marketing tactics have been stripped off: “This is me. This is what I am. You may not like me and I understand, but if you do, come and support me.”

That said, branding generates loyalty from customers whose values resonate with your organization’s values, creating advocates who will recruit more customers and supporters for you. Therefore, you need a sound branding strategy to draw in more customers and followers. 

You Need Internal Branding Too

So you have your brand out there, and customers have been very receptive. However, you just do not stop at that. You need internal branding too. What for, you ask. Our answer: for a seamless customer experience. Even if you have the best product in the market, you will not achieve your goals if you have unreliable and unfriendly representatives who offer crappy service, careless managers who do not care for your staff or employees who care for nothing but the pay . Through internal branding, you can create brand ambassadors that embody the values your organization lives by. Effective internal branding also results in employee advocacy, which is way better than any marketing tactic. Customers are more likely to listen to your employees than to any of your ads.

Effective internal branding happens when you put your employees first: engaging them and making them see how their tasks contribute to the success of your company through internal communication. By doing so, you create a culture around your brand, which forms part of your identity – so your customers experience the same vibe from the moment they approach you until they leave with their purchase.

Using Corporate Screensavers for Branding

There are many tools you can use to foster effective internal communication in your organization, one of which is the corporate screensaver. The corporate screensaver can be used to communicate core values and reinforce key messages, allowing you to build your internal brand. Highly effective in reaching everyone in your company, corporate screensavers can also be used in the following applications:

1. Dissemination of information. Through repetition, screensavers can broadcast critical news and information that is vital to operations.

2. Targeted messages. Screensavers can be configured to reach specific groups and individuals, allowing you to transmit important messages.

3. Shared content. Screensavers help decrease cost, time and effort in spreading content to all corporate PCs, regardless of their location.

4. Motivation through inspiration. Screensavers can also be used to motivate employees to be the best they can be through messages designed to inspire.

It’s high time you improve your internal branding. Through corporate screensavers, you can keep your employees informed and inspired all the time.

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