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Why Is Corporate Screensaver Desktop So In Demand Right Now?

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 3:15:22 PM

Screensavers and desktop wallpapers aren’t the first thing that goes into your mind when you hear the words corporate communication tools. Email, corporate newsletters, and memos are some of the more workplace communication channels. But whoever thought of using the corporate screensaver desktop as communication tools in the office is one clever individual. Screensavers and desktop wallpapers, after all, are so conspicuous in any office space that it would be unwise not to use them in sending messages or promoting values in the workplace.

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Any business that has not tapped corporate screensaver desktop as communication channels are missing out a lot. The following are some of the reasons why companies are using this tool as medium of communication, just like e-mail:

1. It promotes corporate identity and branding

Screensavers and desktop wallpapers should be considered as mini-billboards in the corporate setting. These are thus the perfect vehicles for promoting a brand, both for internal and external audiences. Using the company’s logo as the desktop wallpaper isn’t only about having a sense of uniformity in the office. It also shows how much a company values its corporate identity and branding.

It may mean little to employees who regularly see the company logo. But it would have a tremendous impact on other stakeholders like funding partners, clients, and suppliers who would walk into the corporate offices. A company logo displayed on the computer screens in the offices can leave a good impression on them.

2. It can relay important announcements to employees

Another reason why companies are using corporate screensaver desktop as communication tools is that these are excellent vehicles for relaying urgent announcements and news. Information such as the latest financial statements, messages from the president, and event reminders can be delivered right to the desktop and screensavers.

Corporate screensavers and desktop are different from the e-mail system, where important messages can be buried in the inboxes. Employees too have different ways of prioritizing the email messages they received, so there is no guarantee that an urgent letter from the company president will be read by the staff. Plus it is no secret that employees will always have the option not to read email messages, as they can readily delete them in their inboxes.

But with corporate screensaver desktop, there is no way for employees to deliberately miss out on important announcements coming from the management. Workers will be informed of vital company updates as these are streamed to their computers.

3. It promotes company values and motivates employees

Each company has certain values that it espouses, like honesty, integrity, professionalism, and love of country, among others. By flashing these virtues and values on the computer screens, employees will be reminded of the corporate values that their company stands for.

Moreover, companies can further motivate their employees to give their best in their jobs by showing company milestones. Employees will be encouraged to work harder and help their firm achieve corporate goals when they are reminded of these company milestones.

4. It is cost effective

Lastly a corporate screensaver desktop is a cost-effective communication medium. Businesses can use it for communicating and motivating employees, relaying urgent messages, and promoting corporate branding and image for a fraction of the cost of other communication tools such as video conferencing and digital signage.

Given these advantages, one need not be a rocket scientist to understand why corporate screensaver desktop is the most in-demand medium in internal communication right now. It is versatile and cost-effective. It promotes corporate branding and identity. More importantly, businesses can ensure that important and urgent messages will be received by their employees.

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