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DeskAlerts Client

DeskAlerts Client is installed on users’ workstations to display alerts that were sent from DeskAlerts Control Panel. With the demo Client installed, you can receive alerts as pop up windows or scrolling tickers.

DeskAlerts Console

DA Control Panel is completely web-based. DeskAlerts is extremely intuitive and user-friendly; just click the ‘Send Alert’ button and follow the wizard steps. DeskAlerts guarantees that every message will be shown on the desktop. It ensures that every message is delivered to selected users, and generates a read-through report.

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DeskAlerts is vital component of our customer communication strategy. Central IT department of the university uses DeskAlerts. It preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping our customers informed and is quick and easy to setup, use and deploy. DeskAlerts makes it easy to tailor notifications to our requirements and represents a great value for money. I highly recommend DeskAlerts to anyone looking for a way to improve their communication strategy and customers experience.

StGeorge University of London

As a community college with limited budget, we looked at features and costs. We also looked at ease of deployment. DeskAlerts had no real competitors. DeskAlerts offered a customized alert system for thousands of dollars cheaper than any of the other systems we looked at. We actually got everything we wanted in the system and more. We deployed to over 500 administrative computers in a morning, and to all of our student computers over a school break

Henry Ford Community College