The Corporate Desktop Wallpaper as a Communication Channel

Anton Vdovin - Dec 9, 2015 2:30:26 PM

In the hectic schedule of the corporate world, companies have resorted to various ways of communicating to their employees and staff. One of these is the corporate desktop wallpaper that can be used as a communication channel to relay important information that the company wishes to convey to its staff.

The company can manage and customize its employees' desktop background according to what they want them to view. Key information and news are significant and one way to inform and remind the employees is by sending these important messages to the employee's desktop.

Desktop wallpaper program features and benefits

These corporate desktop wallpaper backgrounds can be used to communicate the information that management wants their employees to know. The program is used by everybody in the company anywhere they are. It can send to a custom group of employees, to a specific individual, or to all of them. They see the messages on their desktop so there is no way that they miss such relevant messages. This wallpaper program is flexible in terms of location and targeting.

Management can set a schedule when the customized background expires and when it can display another set of slideshow, ads, motivational quotes, or ads. The desktop wallpaper can also revert back to its original display once the expiration of the recent display ends.

Some corporate desktop wallpapers have the feature of tracking the history of messages for the pop up alerts, tickers, video alerts, active messages, or surveys. These programs can also serve as desktop alert for the employees.

Desk alerts wallpapers

The desk alerts wallpaper is a type of corporate desktop wallpaper that publishes messages in your desktop background. As such the screen serves as a bulletin board to remind everyone of the coming events or as a way to promote the values and the organizational culture or mission/vision of the company. At times, the company may want their employees to read corporate news from their computer screen. Oftentimes, companies may also want to show inspirational messages.

These custom designed desktop wallpapers can be scheduled and sequenced. If you want to show more than one screen or messages, you can create a slideshow and schedule them to change at specific intervals. This is a very good way to relay information such as upcoming news or ads that establish the company’s brand. It can also be an effective way to publish product announcements sent directly to the employee’s desktop.

Desktop alerts wallpapers can also send message to target audience . They have a wide range of image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP image files. Even URLs can be used in sending a message. With these corporate wallpapers, there is always an active directory support that assists synchronization at a predefined date and time.

Corporate desktop wallpapers can also report the status of delivery of the messages to the intended persons or to all the recipients. Its statistics function can track and provide reports of employees who have received the messages sent to their desktop so that there is no denying, ignoring or deleting them.

Desktop wallpapers can be scheduled to display a specific message, information or reminder at a certain time or date. The sequence of the display can also be changed according to the schedule being set. If the company wants its employees to watch an informative powerpoint presentation, it is easy to send it to the employee's desktop and to let it play anytime. For a better view at a wider angle, these desktop alert wallpapers can also be shown on digital screens.

Desktop wallpaper as a messaging tool

Since the corporate desktop wallpaper is also a desktop alert tool, it publishes messages for specific employee on their desktop backgrounds. Thus, it can also be used in ambient advertising. Unconsciously, if people keep on viewing the same thing repeatedly, it becomes incorporated into their system.

These wallpapers can be sequenced to show multiple desktop messages at a specific time. It can be updated or modified anytime, too. It can decide the target recipients.

The content will end at a specific date and time as scheduled. There is no way that messages and information can be missed as there is always seamless message delivery in this system. When new information are published, they automatically appear on the desktop background.

The program is easy to deploy and manage. The internal communications team or marketing team can easily learn and take charge of corporate communication through the desktop wallpaper. Remote employees can be easily reached with this messaging tool.

Other reminders that the desktop wallpaper can publish are security policy reminders, upgrade notifications, worksite wellness campaigns, dashboards and company’s or work teams progress against their goals, breaking news, and product updates.

There is no other way to describe the importance of a corporate desktop wallpaper especially in large companies that need to ensure effective communication with their employees wherever they are, anytime, anywhere.

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