Corporate Wallpaper: Various Ways to Use the Corporate Desktop Background

Anton Vdovin - Jun 17, 2020 6:00:00 PM

corporate_background_wallpaperUse the Desktop Background of your employees’ computer screens to remind them about important events, or as a way to promote your company values, corporate news updates or publish motivational or celebratory messages.

Having a default image used as a corporate desktop background provides the company with the following benefits:

Achieves a Professional Look Across the Entire Organization

Using a particular image as the standard corporate wallpaper on your employees’ computer screens can help to achieve a professional look in the workplace. Companies usually assign their logo as the standard corporate desktop background, giving consistency in the look and feel around the office. This presents well especially when clients are around the office.

The use of a standard corporate wallpaper can also ensure that there are no appropriate wallpapers displayed on screen monitors, like images of scantily clad women. It creates uniformity around the office and further enhances the aesthetics of the workplace.

Helps Promote Organizational Initiatives

Companies can be assured that their employees will be more aware of a new program or initiative if there are promotional materials displayed conspicuously in the office. In the past, brochures and pamphlets would be handed out to employees for this purpose. But now corporate communicators use the desktop background as a way to promote organizational initiatives.

For instance, the logo of a new corporate initiative on customer service can be used as the corporate wallpaper. This can raise the employees’ awareness of the said program, reminding them to go the extra mile in assisting their clients.

Or the logo of an IT initiative that seeks to make employees use the intranet more regularly may be used as the corporate wallpaper.

Provides Updates on Developments Within the Company

Another way to use a corporate desktop background is as a place to communicate developments within the company. It can work as a simplified version of a corporate newsletter.

In many offices, it is a common practice for the corporate communications team to use corporate wallpapers as a means to share information. News on a range of topics such as the latest financial figures, new products and services may be integrated into one image which is then used as the corporate wallpaper.

This way, news and information are easily shared across the organization. This innovative way of information sharing is both efficient and practical, especially in companies with busy employees who may not have the time at all to go to the company intranet, or open and read the electronic newsletter. Information, too, is digested in such a way that employees will be able to understand the news in a matter of seconds.



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Reminds Employees of Important Activities

Employees can  be reminded of forthcoming activities better if there is a reminder flashed on their computer monitors. Some companies actually use screensavers to show details of an upcoming event like product launches. But others use corporate wallpapers because the image reminding employees about an upcoming event won’t go away, unlike a screen saver.

By using the corporate desktop background as a tool to announce or hype up a company event, corporate communicators can be assured that employees will see the reminder every time they log in to their computers.  For event organizers, using a corporate wallpaper as a way to promote an event would increase the likelihood of more employees in attendance.

Promotes Company Values

Companies espouse different values, like team work, professionalism, dedication, and love for their country. One of the best ways to promote these values in the workplace is through the corporate desktop image.

Corporate communication teams usually design images or posters that can be used as corporate wallpaper. These images underline the values that their companies champion. The image, when used as a corporate wallpaper, serves as a reminder to the employees that they should live up to the values promoted by their firm.

However, not all companies  take advantage of the usefulness of corporate wallpapers, with many of their employees using default desktop images or downloading photos from the Internet as their wallpaper. It is also common for those employees to have photos of their families, images of their favorite TV stars or sports heroes as their desktop wallpaper.

While there’s really no harm in having those images as computer wallpaper, companies are missing out on the great potential of a corporate wallpaper as an effective communication tool.

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This article was updated in 2020.

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