Useful features of a Corporate Wallpaper

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 11:36:41 AM

A corporate desktop wallpaper software is a good investment for any company as it helps in the creation of wallpapers that can be utilized as another mode of communication between management and staff. Not only can you highlight your company values and branding through wallpapers, but you can also further communication, productivity and employee morale and engagement.


Here are some of the features of a corporate wallpaper that businesses of any size or industry may find useful:

1. You can publish messages.

Through a corporate desktop wallpaper software, you can create eye-catching wallpapers that contain messages that you want your employees to be notified of. This means that your staff members do not need to stand up from their desks or for you to call them in for a meeting just to notify them of important news or updates. Because of this efficiency, a corporate wallpaper is one technological communication tool that many businesses can opt for.

2. You can push for consistency of voice and brand.

Through corporate wallpapers, you can consistently expose your employees to the voice of the company, its brand, vision and values. After all, the thinking is that when one is consistently exposed to a particular thought, there is a tendency for him or her to integrate the thought into his actions and behaviours. So when employees are constantly reminded of the company’s vision and the purpose of their work, they are more engaged and motivated because they know why they do what they do.

3. Notifications are not intrusive.

The great thing about these tools created through a corporate desktop wallpaper software is that they are not intrusive. People can continue on working while messages are sent to their desktop. Messages automatically appear on screen without disrupting an employee while he or she is working on his or her computer.

4. Desktop messages are targeted.

You can opt to send messages to particular groups or individuals. The delivery is seamless and targeted, and images and text created through a corporate desktop wallpaper can be developed with specific people in mind.

5. Messages can be pre-scheduled.

Management can opt to pre-schedule messages for publishing or send them out immediately if they require it. Also, when messages are set to expire on a specific date and no other messages are set to be published, the desktop background will go back to the original wallpaper.

Messages are easy to create and can be customized by the IT team, internal communications team or management according to the policies and protocols of the company.

6. Communication with remote employees is easier.

Companies nowadays are flexible and have branches in different geographical locations. Corporate wallpapers make it easier for managers and team leaders to communicate with employees who are not in the same location they are. This makes communication more efficient and effective, and can boost productivity as information that are important to be sent out right away can be delivered in real-time.

7. You can publish policies, reminders, inspirational quotes, news and updates.

Corporate desktop wallpapers don’t only publish particular messages about meetings or notes. They can also feature policies of the company, reminders regarding corporate events and socials, news about the company and its offerings, and even inspirational quotes.

One of the great things about corporate wallpapers is its versatility. This is the reason why many companies opt to invest in a corporate desktop wallpaper – not only is it a tool that can be used to send out particular messages, it is a versatile platform that can open lines of communication between management and staff.

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