DeskAlerts Notification Software for Hospitals and Clinics

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 12:26:32 PM

DeskAlerts provides notification software for hospitals and clinics using desktop alerts, targeted emails and SMS. Communication and patient care are improved.

DeskAlerts notification software benefits internal communication within a hospital or clinic setting by increasing the effectiveness of internal operations and giving workers a better understanding of external facilities such as companies handling insurance, medications, and medical supplies.

12 Reasons Why DeskAlerts Notification Software is a Must–Have for Hospitals and Clinics

  • DeskAlerts Notification Software increases internal operational effectiveness by allowing better communication within the hospital or clinic.
  • In hospitals or clinic settings doctors, nurses and clinical staff do not always have time to check their email. As a result, important messages may go unseen for long periods of time. Desktop tickers and SMS messages via mobile phone can quickly distribute critical information, allowing for more effective patient care.
  • When emails are used, notification software can focus messages to specific departments and people. The obstetrics and gynecology department may not need to read the same messages and information intended for the radiology department.
  • Important patient information can quickly be sent to different departments. Doctors can receive important laboratory results and make their diagnosis with less waiting time. This allows patients to receive appropriate treatment in a timelier manner.
  • Screensavers can be used to flash important messages across computer screens without hiding data and patient information.
  • Surveys can be used to gather feedback from doctors, nurses and clinical staff. By providing workers with opportunities to give feedback, hospitals and clinics can make improvements and function more efficiently.
  • Information and updates on hospital and clinic regulations, policies and standards can be quickly distributed.
  • Notification software ensures that important messages are opened and read to completion. Administrators are able to see if messages are ignored or deleted. They can then resend messages and use other mediums, such as desktop tickers, to keep repeating the information.
  • DeskAlerts’ notification software educates doctors, nurses and clinical staff about external marketing and communication. Hospitals and clinics have a better understanding of the status of projects associated with companies distributing insurance, medications and medical supplies.
  • Desktop quizzes and screensaver messaging channels provide opportunities for staff to become educated about the products being distributed.
  • Surveys and interactive helpdesks can provide opportunities for workers in hospitals and clinic to provide feedback and ask important questions.
  • Notification software can remind workers in hospitals and clinics important events such as meetings and classes.

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DeskAlerts’ Notification Software Provides Solutions for External Communication with Patients, Insurance Companies and Distributors of Medications and Medical Supplies

  • Patients are able to provide feedback of their experience in the hospital or clinic. They can also view their test results and diagnosis online and better educate themselves on their conditions.
  • Clinical staff has ready access to information on patients’ insurance companies and can more readily begin the billing process.
  • Doctors and nurses are better able to communicate with companies distributing medications and medical supplies that will be used to improve patient-care.

DeskAlerts Notification Software Improves Communication and Understanding between Human Resources and Doctors, Nurses and Clinical Staff

  • Employees in hospitals and clinics are able to access current information and updates about their own benefits. Desktop tickers and targeted emails can provide better educational opportunities for information on insurance policies, vacation time and retirement packages.
  • Wellness programs are more easily promoted. Cleanliness and health are essential in a hospital and clinic settings and brief messages can be sent reminding workers of the hazards of smoking or to wash their hands.

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DeskAlerts Notification Software Improves Communication among the IT Department and Doctors, Nurses and Clinical Staff

  • Any technological problems can be rapidly sent to the IT department. Because the IT department will not have to sort through unnecessary emails, and can receive messages in more efficient mediums such as SMS, they are able to respond in a timely manner.
  • The IT department can keep doctors, nurses and clinical staff updated on any technology problems, changes in hours or services, technology upgrades, internet security policies, compliance education, virus announcements, training opportunities and help or support channels.
  • IT departments can gain feedback from hospitals and clinics through surveys and forums to understand better the needs of other departments.
  • Online helpdesks provide an opportunity for IT to answer basic questions. Doctors, nurses and clinical staff can ask questions and receive answers about technology problems. They can also see answers to questions that others have asked so the IT department does not have to answer the same question multiple times.
  • Messages of how the IT department benefits the hospital or clinic can be delivered via desktop notifications or screensaver messages to other departments, encouraging support.

DeskAlerts’ notification software improves communication within hospital and clinic settings with desktop notifications, targeted emails, and SMS. Critical information can be readily accessed and relationships are improved between different departments by using the software. Patient care is enhanced and profits are increased directly due to the better communication with outside facilities the DeskAlert software provides.


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