How to Make Communications Efficient in Healthcare Organizations

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 2:18:51 PM

DeskAlerts for HealthCare Organizations

In today’s healthcare system, delivery processes involve numerous interfaces and patient handoffs among multiple healthcare practitioners with varying levels of educational and occupational training. During the course of a 4-day hospital stay, a patient may interact with 50 different employees, including physicians, nurses, technicians, and others. Effective clinical practice thus involves many instances where critical information must be accurately communicated. Team collaboration is essential. When health care professionals are not communicating effectively, patient safety is at risk for several reasons: lack of critical information, misinterpretation of information, unclear orders over the telephone, and overlooked changes in status.

Many hospitals are actively taking steps to address these needs. However, hospitals face increasing challenges to meet the communication needs. To help hospitals meet these challenges, DeskAlerts is making information, resources and tools immediately available to employees of different departments. DeskAlerts advances the quality of internal communications by optimizing the experience and process of healthcare communication.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Sending out instant notification alerts via different channels (desktops, mobile, SMS, email, RSS) as an essential aspect of healthcare communications
  2. Syncronizing DeskAlerts with inner systems (HIS, EMR, CRM, SharePoint, etc). It results in effective collaboration of immediate notifications with business processes
  3. Emergency notifications (color codes) as a result of engaging in collaborative research on communication in healthcare. Instant predefined alerts allow to notify required department within one click
  4. Instant feedback from employees via surveys and polls
  5. Rich audio and video content allows to implement various scripts of communication campaigns
  6. Сost efficiency. Our customer's case: "We usually had to send messages to our HR people and they would sent out an email to all employees. For safety alerts we used pagers. Since we purchased DeskAlerts we have cut away bak on pagers". Greg Hotchkiss, New Page

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