The Benefits of DeskAlerts for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Caroline Duncan - Apr 19, 2018 3:57:29 PM

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations operate in unique, often challenging, environments. The challenges are evident in many aspects of corporate services that allow these organizations to function, and internal communications is no exception.


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The workforce in hospitals and other healthcare organizations is extremely diverse and can involve thousands of employees. This includes medical staff from different specializations, allied health professionals, administrative staff as well as cleaners, caterers, orderlies and so on.

Added to that, employees are rostered on around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year and work in an environment that can be quite chaotic and disruptive by its very nature.

Employees in this sector are often not employed in roles that require them to have traditional desk setups with their own computers, which means that methods of communicating that other industries rely on such as mass emails don’t work as effectively for those in hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

But just like any other industry, internal communications is extremely important. Staff working in hospitals and healthcare need to know what is going on both internally in their own organization and what changes externally might affect them. For example, new laws and legislation, outbreaks of disease, new initiatives and developments and policy and procedure changes.

Many hospital and healthcare organizations around the globe have turned to DeskAlerts to help improve their internal communications.

DeskAlerts is an internal communications software solution that lets you send messages straight to your employees’ computers in the form of a pop-up notification. No matter what software your staff members are using at the time or if their computer is in screensaver or sleep mode, the messages will get through.

The benefits of using DeskAerts for hospitals and healthcare organizations include:

Sending messages out quickly - we know time is often of the essence when you need to alert staff to an urgent situation. Messages are instantly delivered to intended recipients, saving valuable time in an emergency situation. Hospitals using DeskAlerts often use it to alert staff when there has been a mass casualty incident that is about to create a great deal of demand.

Targeting messages to niche audiences - you can opt to send messages to every computer in your network, or just to selected groups of employees. For example a particular team, such as oncology, a particular ward, the emergency department, or if your organization is based on different campuses, just those in the campus you need to communicate an issue to.

Integrates with other IT and emergency systems - DeskAlerts integrates with many other systems currently operating in hospitals and healthcare organizations, such as the color code system.

Scheduling messages – When you have staff who work different shifts and you need to ensure they ALL find out about important news, you can schedule DeskAlerts in advance to be sent at different times throughout the day and night. No matter when someone is rostered on, they will learn find out your news.

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