Customer Support Chat

Customer Support Chat

Here at DeskAlerts we realize that sometimes you need questions delivered to you fast. This is why we have created Just In Time” chat support. This chat is meant for people who want quick response for your questions or issues. 
Your incoming chat message will be put on the highest priority for our engineers and you will receive an answer within 15 minutes. If for some reason our engineers won’t be able to get back to you it will be no less than 30 minutes you should receive a response to your message. 
You will find the chat in lower right corner of the screen. Type your message and start chatting with our engineer instantly.
Day of the week Chat working hours
Monday  6 AM - 17 PM CEST
Tuesday  6 AM - 17 PM CEST 
Wednesday  6 AM - 17 PM CEST 
Thursday 6 AM - 17 PM CEST
Friday  6 AM - 17 PM CEST 

If you haven’t been able to reach us in our working hours, you can write us an offline message which will be registered in the ZenDesk system. 

Your ticket will have a higher priority when we come back online than other tickets to ensure you get a response in the fastest time possible.
For any questions related to DeskAlerts support write to


You can find the chat windows to the right, where the arrow points to.