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Сombating Cyber Threats During COVID-19


Easy-to-use tips on how to protect the organization from modern cyber threats.


📅Thursday, May 20  | 10:00 am EDT


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What you will learn

COVID-19 pandemic left the businesses more vulnerable from the point of view of cybersecurity than ever before. In 2020, 30bn data records were stolen. It is more than during the previous 15 years.

Raised number of threats, poorly managed access to devices when employees work from home, and people's mistakes due to low cybersecurity vigilance are probably the TOP pandemic challenges for cybersecurity professionals. 

How to protect the organization from all these threats? You will learn that on the webinar.


During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Aligning your cyber risk strategy & roadmap to business.
  • Rolling out a cybersecurity transformation program.
  • Employee cybersecurity awareness engagement.
  • Incident management, business continuity, and crisis management.


Featured speakers


Craig Rosewarne - Cyber risk management in the COVID 19 climate

MD of Wolfpack Information Risk

Craig has 20+ years of management experience in the fields of information risk & cybersecurity. He is a frequent speaker & trainer at local & international events. Wolfpack Information Risk is a South African firm established in 2011 that provides information risk & cybersecurity services to governments & organizations.



Roman Toporkov - Eliminating cybersecurity risks by maintaining cybersecurity vigilance 

Product Manager at DeskAlerts

Roman has 8+ years of experience in designing and developing secure software solutions for corporate communications for different companies (including L’Oreal, Hilton, DHL, Vodacom, etc). DeskAlerts is one of the world-leading companies providing software for important internal communications.


Reasons to attend the webinar:

  • Exclusive content from practitioners.
  • Get how-to instructions that you can use right away.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get some ideas on your situation.
  • Share your thoughts with 60+ peers in real-time while staying safe.

Who is this webinar for?



Learn how to tackle new cybersecurity challenges, improve your cybersecurity strategy and incident response plan.

Cyber security professionals

Learn effective ways of protecting your company from cybersecurity threats and raising cybersecurity awareness during the COVID pandemic and work from home period.

Compliance officers

Learn how to provide cybersecurity compliance for your organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Register for the upcoming webinar