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Internal Communication And Remote Work. How To Reach And Engage Everyone

Free webinar

Online webinar with easy-to-use tips on how to communicate with employees when they are working from home

Duration — 70 min


What's the purpose of this webinar?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt, making remote work an integral part of our daily routine. How can organizations continue to support and maintain remote internal communications efficiency and employee loyalty while addressing the unique challenges posed by a distributed workforce?

Gain insights into:

  • Strategies for effective internal communication in a remote work environment.
  • Tips and best practices for reaching and engaging remote employees.
  • Practical solutions to overcome communication challenges when your team is working from home.
  • Examples and success stories from organizations on remote team communication strategies

Featured Speakers

Roman Toporkov

Product Manager at DeskAlerts

Roman has 8+ years of experience in designing and developing secure software solutions for corporate communications for different companies (including L’Oreal, Hilton, DHL, Vodacom, etc).



Zane Ewton

Senior Internal Comms Specialist at The Villages

Zane leads and contributes to the development of new communication concepts, technologies, and standards, working directly with leaders and other internal clients to develop and implement strategic communication plans.

Ray Walsh

Independent consultant

A native of the US, Ray has worked in Europe for most of his career, including Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Currently based in Prague.

ray walsh


Case 1. Training opt-in
Case 2. Secure login tips
Case 3. A security questionnaire
Case 4. Ransomware damage control
Case 5. Data breach aftermath survey
1. Why cyber security is relevant today (Roman)
2. Rapid Cyber Risk Approach (Craig)
3. Key Cyber Risk Management Components (Craig)
4. Key Threat Agents (Craig)
5. Business Impact Themes (Craig)
6. Cyber Security Communication Areas (Roman)
7. Awareness Communication (Roman)
8. Crisis Management Communication (Roman)
9. Aftermath analysis communications (Roman)
10. Picking the right delivery medium (Roman)