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What's DeskAlerts Notification Software?

A multi-purpose corporate communications solution, DeskAlerts is a fully customizable system that uses multiple internal communication channels to ensure that you get your message across. Fast and easy to deploy, DeskAlerts serves not only as a notification system but also as a system for effective internal communications and employee feedback.

Desktop Alerts

Deliver pop-up alerts to users' screens and block an employee's work until he or she reads your message to the end

Mobile Apps

Your employees can receive push-notifications straight to their Android or iOS devices

SMS Notifications

Wherever your employees are, you can send them an SMS alert with news from your company

Digital Signage

Utilize LCD, LED and projection displays within your organization to promote your campaigns

One-Click Alerts

Send pre-defined messages to a pre-defined audience in one press of a button

Corporate Screensaver

Turn Screens Into Billboards. Display the target-oriented content

Surveys/ Polls/ Quizzes

Send questions straight to screens and get results in real time


Coordinate attendance at corporate events by sending and managing invites

Customize settings and preferences

Create, edit, manage, search and deliver different kinds of information instantly with very little effort


Reduce password fatigue from different user name and password combinations and time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity

Color Codes

Use color codes for different types of emergencies you set in advance with a range of custom templates you populate with information during an emergency.


By using Active Directory Integration you can target who you send alerts to such as specific departments, groups or even individual users.

Send Multimedia

DeskAlerts lets you send video through YouTube and Vimeo with embeddable URLs or send videos directly recorded on your desktop webcam. You can also send images in .jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp format or HTML links.

Extended Statistics

Track message delivery down to specific users and devices to determine who has seen your messages. Create charts or export data to a CSV file.

API Integration

Trigger DeskAlerts to be sent from inside other software applications. Generate alerts automatically based on monitoring systems/CRM/incident management systems output and deliver instantly to parties involved in crisis resolution

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Some of Our Satisfied Customers

See results immediately

Whether its notifying about a delay to a meeting start time or a reminder that its time to head out for a team lunch, DeskAlerts messages pop up on screen and action is taken by employees.

Network-Services Specialist, Info Tech, Inc.

Communicate across geographic regions

The perfect choice for a company needing a centralized alert solution spread across different locations. We use it to inform in-store labs in retail sites across Australia and New Zealand about updates and issues.

Solution Delivery Manager, Fujifilm Australia