Automated Notification System for Delivering Urgent Information

Ensure no problems are missed by sending information automatically

When a potential issue arises, the quicker you can be alerted to it, the quicker you can respond to and resolve the situation. It’s not just senior management who may need to know about an issue – depending on your company’s needs, you may also need to alert your customers, partners, suppliers, members or employees.
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Features of Automated Alerts

Whatever your business requirements, DeskAlerts can be configured to integrate with almost any other system. Other software can trigger the sending of a DeskAlerts notification.  This way you can use several systems through just one interface.

Automated API alert benefits include:

  • Alerts that are generated automatically based on system monitoring
  • Your systems/CRM/incident management system outputs delivered instantly to those who need to respond to any crisis situation
  • Immediate notification to employees’ computer screens when antivirus software detects threats

Automated API Alerts + Real-Time Module:

DeskAlerts becomes an even more powerful tool when you use it to combine Real-time alerts with API Integration.

There’s no need for human involvement or double-handling of the messages – your notifications are delivered instantly by taking advantage of automated message publication.

For an additional fee, DeskAlerts engineers will assist you with API integration setup.

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Automating Critical Alerts for Every Business Function

Run your organization more efficiently and effectively by automating your critical alerts. These can be integrated quite simply into virtually any business system, Benefits include:

  • An improvement in the performance of your company
  • Critical information becomes 100 percent visible
  • Boost your customer service levels
  • Reduce your company’s exposure to financial risks

Many business systems such as accounting, warehousing, CRM or ERP monitor data changes for you. When you pair these systems with DeskAlerts, the critical notifications are sent automatically and instantly to the people who need to see them. This reduces inconsistencies and errors and the likelihood of important information going missing.

Automated alerts can be sent to key personnel or other stakeholders via mobile phone, desktop notifications, email or SMS alerts. Reach the people who need to take action in a crisis fast and reduce the impact of a crisis – or avert it entirely.

Whatever your needs, different processes can be automated to rules that you pre-define, even if you have events and triggers that vary from department to department in your organization.

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Essentially, the process closes the loop on the management of the incident and the entire process from start to finish is carried out with hardly any need for human involvement.

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