Social Media Integration

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Employee engagement through existing popular social media channels

Social media is an increasingly important aspect of any organization’s internal communications strategy  DeskAlerts, as a web-based communications solutions provider, acknowledges the leaps technology makes and the implications for business activity.

We’ve created a new social module to help business to take advantage of the popularity of social media to communicate.  The social media integration will help you effectively and efficiently improve employee engagement through existing popular social media channels.

If your internal communications strategy calls for you to provide information to employees via LinkedIn, WordPress or Twitter, you can now do this through DeskAlerts, centralized in one interface. Users can send notifications to each account from a single location.


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Twitter-Optimized Platform

Send 140-character tweets to avoid abruptly cut text that may ruin the message as a whole.

Linkedin Integration

Share an alert in your Linkedin group

Wordpress Integration

Send an alert as a Wordpress post.

Embeddable URL Format

Link external pages through embeddable URLs.

Scheduled Posts

Schedule messages with a particular date and time.


Set a reminder that the network will simultaneously see, in case there are upcoming events or important notices.

What does DeskAlerts Social Media Integration do?

Post alert messages to corporate Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress blog accounts with just a few clicks – an important part of any modern internal communications strategy. See how it works in our online demo.


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