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Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 4:12:10 PM

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DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software

The field of project management is a very demanding profession where accurate and timely communication is concerned. Granted, project management professionals need to have excellent communication skills within their management team, but they also need to have good skills where the internal communications infrastructure of the company is concerned as well. Needless to say, having the proper acumen enables the project manager to add value to their position within the team and the company overall.

The Responsibilities of Project Management Professionals

Today’s project management professionals not only have the responsibility of completing specific corporate business projects, they are responsible for the selecting, developing and executing of those projects as well. Internal communications are one of the most critical tools that a project manager has at their disposal because of the need to keep the entire team focused, motivated and involved so the project is completed by the assigned deadline.

Internal Communications and the Project Manager

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The internal communications of the project are some of the best tools you have as a project manager to keep the project on track, keep the team motivated and involved and to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Additionally, there are for givens where internal communication and project management are concerned:

  • As the size of the project team grows, so does the amount of time it takes to disseminate important information in non-electronic fashion.
  • If the project manager becomes the central collation point of the communication this will improve how messages are delivered to the entire team as well as upper management in the corporation.
  • The biggest improvement a project manager can make with any communication is condensing and filtering out needless information.
  • Time-consuming meetings can be kept to a minimum, even eliminated, with the use of desktop messaging in order to convey important information about the current projects and corporate operations in general.

DeskAlerts network messaging systems can help project managers in the above areas by replacing the down time spent in lengthy meetings by sending desktop alerts, e-mails and SMS text messages to employee computers and mobile devices.

DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software

Developing Effective Internal Communications using DeskAlerts

Effective internal communications are critical between corporate management and project management professionals, as well as between the project manager and his or her team. When improving that communication at the highest levels, there has to be a plan of action or strategy for implementing a better network messaging system. This is necessary if a company is going to improve their levels of communication within the corporate infrastructure and at the project management level.

The project management professional must be able to respond to certain dilemmas involved in the process of improving internal communications. They must be able to answer the following questions in order to develop better communication throughout the team and in order to convey messages back and forth between them and upper management:

  • How does the project manager incorporate everything necessary into this new internal communication system?
  • How will project management professionals deliver information and messages in a cost-effective manner?
  • What data or information should be conveyed?
  • What messages should be considered confidential or available to all eyes?
  • What special responsibilities/skills are required by project managers and team members?

The important consideration with the relationship between effective internal communications and project management operations is that the DeskAlerts system can be integrated with the current communication infrastructure easily and quickly. The system should always be capable of delivering information regarding the project, the project manager and project management team, the available resources and the project schedule in order to be effective.

Additionally, effective internal communication development requires a great deal of thinking outside the box whenever a company is in the planning and development stages. Companies have to rethink and develop an internal communication strategy in order to get critical information to their workforce, increase efficiency and productivity, and do this all at the same time in order to reduce company losses.

Why DeskAlerts is the Right Choice for Your Company's Internal Communications

There are numerous features and benefits that separate DeskAlerts’s network messaging systems from their competition and make them the right internal communications system to implement and use in the project management field. DeskAlerts features include:

  • Applications that are completely unobtrusive
  • Centralized data storage
  • Easy installation
  • Internal hosting instead of shared hosting on public servers
  • Prominent alerts that cannot be deleted, neglected, or put on hold
  • Solutions that are totally web-based

Project management professionals and their teams can benefit using DeskAlerts’s network messaging to deliver important information because it is easy to administer and there is no required end user training necessary. Additionally, messages can be sent to different locations in the form of desktop alerts, e-mails and SMS texting while all messages can be designed and delivered to specific targeted audiences. This enables the integration of an internal communication system that is cost-effective and extremely efficient.
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