Solutions to Improve Workplace Communications

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 2:34:26 PM

Today’s workplace relies heavily on office communication software to relay messages and connect with staff members. Remember that effective communication helps increase the productivity, creativity and engagement of employees; however, poor communication could potentially lead to misunderstandings and friction and could negatively affect a company’s bottom line.

improve internal communication

Fortunately, the following applications and solutions are now readily available and customizable for any company to use – regardless of size or industry:

1. Chat and Instant Messengers

Office communication software such as chat applications and instant messengers allow for the dissemination and sharing of information in real time. These solutions enable employees to connect with their managers as well as colleagues while being at their desks and doing other tasks.

The great thing about chat applications and instant messengers is that you can opt to either send private messages to a particular individual or group, or you can participate in group chats with your whole team or department. Also, reminders can be sent through these solutions, and files can be shared and distributed through these channels.

2. A Dedicated Project Management Tool

Either installed as a software or accessed online, a dedicated project management tool helps staff members as well as team leaders keep track of the progress of projects.

Each project can be designated a table in which specific tasks are laid out, as well as the deadlines for each task and the person assigned to accomplish them. By having an office communication software such as this enables people to constantly be updated on work processes as well as timelines. When people are aware of their progress, they are more likely to be vigilant when it comes to meeting deadlines and reminding other team members about each one’s responsibility.

3. Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)

A customer relationship management tool allows for the easy tracking of tickets and queries sent in by staff members as well as clients. This office communication software prevents queries from being disregarded or being tended to multiple times. Having a CRM allows everyone to be on the same page, and to practice consistency when answering queries.

The great thing about a CRM is that it also acts as an archive or resource. Through this tool, staff members are able to access each and every oral or written conversation, email contact, telephone call, meeting, document and deal made with clients.

4. Intranet

A private portal that staff members are able to access, the intranet provides employees with the space to connect with other workmates, to share information, to ask questions, and to keep updated with the latest news about the company, its offerings and policies.

The fortunate thing about the intranet is that it can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a computer or mobile device. Much like a CRM, the intranet can also be seen as a treasure trove or archive in which queries can be sent and answers can be obtained.

5. File Sharing Programs

While people can certainly share and distribute files over email, chat applications and instant messengers, bigger files prove to be much harder to send through these solutions compared to small ones. File sharing programs allow for the sharing of files (both big and small) between two individuals or members of a team.

Once these programs are downloaded, people can upload files or folders through them and instantaneously upload and sync them on the computer of the one they want to share with. This not only does away with the hassle of burning a CD or saving and sharing through USBs, it also makes sharing instantaneous.

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