Using DeskAlerts Color Code Alerts in the Healthcare Sector

Caroline Duncan - Mar 29, 2018 12:55:30 PM

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Inter-hospital communication can often mean the difference between life and death. Hospital administrators know this and are always looking for the best possible way to communicate efficiently and effectively within their organizations.

Hospitals around the world have adopted a system of color codes that they use in emergency situations as part of their safety and emergency preparedness.

While these codes have in the past varied widely by locations, standardized color codes have been adopted by many American, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian hospitals. Examples of color codes include “code blue” for a cardiac arrest or a “code red” is used to indicate there is a fire somewhere in the hospital.

The code system was adopted to easily convey information to staff using public address systems while at the same time preventing panic among patients and visitors to the hospital.

These days public address systems aren’t the only ways that information is communicated to staff in hospitals. Pagers, mobile phones and computers are also used in internal communications.

In fact, many hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world are using DeskAlerts – an internal communications software solution, as a mass notification system to keep staff informed in the event of emergencies.

Benefits Of DeskAlerts Color Coded Alert System

The software allows you to send pop-up messages to employee screens that appear no matter what software they are using at the time, which means you can be sure your critical information is seen. Even if the computer is on standby, sleep or screensaver mode, the messages will still appear.

The notifications can’t be ignored, skipped or deleted, bringing greater peace of mind that urgent communication has been received, read and should be acted upon.

DeskAlerts can be integrated with existing IT systems easily, as well as with other emergency systems such as sirens, and can be used to connect with just about any device.

Hospitals can also use it to complement their existing color code emergency notification systems. One of the functions that has been purposely built in to DeskAlerts is the ability to embed notifications with a color code.

Save Time On Sending Urgent Messages In One Click

DeskAlerts administrators can create a range of custom templates in advance using the color codes that are ready to be populated with the appropriate information when there is an emergency situation playing out.

Hospitals face a range of different scenarios on a day-to-day basis, and DeskAlerts responded to this by introducing the ability to select custom color codes with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is to ensure every emergency notification that a hospital may need can be embedded with its own unique color code.

Clients who are using DeskAlerts in this way have provided positive feedback about how the introduction of color codes to DeskAlerts improved their organizations’ efficiencies in sending emergency communications.

DekAlerts provides hospital management with an excellent opportunity to refine and enhance their emergency communications strategies and ensure that their staff have the ability to learn about and respond to urgent situations within seconds.

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