RSS / News Feed Notification Tool


Send and manage information between you and your staffs

DeskAlerts found a way to keep you and your company posted with the latest news through the use of the RSS/News Feed.

  • Send the latest news to all recipients with no geographical limitations.
  • Use our desktop notification tool and mobile application as RSS feed reader.
  • Configure the RSS feed source and select the recipients of the news through your active directory. 
  • Deliver multimedia RSS entries to employees via desktop pop-upsscrolling tickers or mobile notifications.
  • The software is very lightweight and can be installed on various devices across a number of platforms. E.g, IOS, Android, and Windows respectively.
  • A user-friendly system that’s very easy to learn to operate.

Say “NO MORE” to deficit corporate interactions

Deskalerts RSS news feeds provide unmatched controlled information dispersion that guarantees success to your business

The RSS News Feed add-on is an effective tool business can use to charge up their internal communications, increase productivity and drive down costs, as well as eliminate the use of email for news and updates. It has the following features:

  • RSS entries will be disseminated across all recipients in the form of prominent desktop alert messages or a single scrolling desktop ticker.
  • Each RSS feed has a specific validity period that you can set up so that notifications will only appear on specific periods.
  • Can be programmed to function and send information across in the advent of any possible downtime that could hinder staffs from functioning effectively.
  • Can also be used in transmitting confidential information as the receipts an employer prefers to inform are the only ones who would receive the pop-up notification.
  • Can also be used as a means of motivation to employees as it can be a medium of celebrating achievements and congratulating on promotions.

The feeds generated can be multimedia or text inclined and are sent directly to your employees screens when you upload from the control panel. 

Once the employees are kept in the loop, everyone will be easily engaged and integrated for easier cooperation and collaboration.

Improve corporate interaction

The RSS news feeds bolster effectiveness and guarantees information circulation all in one and doesn't hinder employee work operations during the process.
Want to know more?


How to deliver corporate news with DeskALerts RSS Feed Tool?

The DeskAlerts RSS tool is a system with different options that enable the publisher to send notifications across to all concerned parties. 

It provides full control through the DeskAlerts server control panel which is provided to any business owner making use of the system. This functions as the controlling unit for the RSS feeds and is hosted within an organization. It has two main features.

1. A web interface for composing and sending content.

2. A system for receiving notifications.

The RSS tool has numerous advantages which it provides to organizations. They include:

  1. Substantially decrease the cost of operation. The system due to its unified structure provides easy employer and employee interaction thereby cutting down cost as calls and other communication means wouldn’t be necessary.
  1. No Geographical limitations. The software also provides communication to all company branches regardless of their location. This is especially helpful in carrying out quizzes, and surveys.
  1. A centralized alert hub for multiple devices. It also serves as the perfect software for any business environment as alerts can be transmitted regardless of the device in operation by the employee. The RSS tool covers Desktops, Smartphones, and tabs respectively.


RSS Alert Tool Features

System integration

Multiple integrated software across platforms such as Windows or Mac, and Android/IOS devices respectively.

Delivery tracking

Deskalerts RSS tool allows you to observe the delivery status of information transferred, such that any exceptions can be noticed.

System control

A control panel that grants full control of notifications. You would have full control of who sees the information being passed across with its Active Directory Integration.


This feature is very lightweight and can easily be handled by any device it is installed on.

Custom templates

Comes with preinstalled custom templates which can be implemented to suit various types of information structuring.

Multimedia transfer

RSS module can also be used in transferring multiple YouTube videos with embedded URLs or normal video recordings. It also allows for image transfer in multiple formats.

All in One

How does the DeskAlerts RSS/News Feed help you?

Multidimensional functionality, with no geographical limitations, full information dispersion control, and multiple software integrations.

The Deskalerts RSS tool is guaranteed to serve all your corporate interaction means with a very efficient and easy to operate interface with barely any limitations.

Business owners can have this on any desired platform and have the control over what type of information is sent across.


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